Timberland PRO - FAQ


Why are Timberland boots so popular?

There’s no denying Timberland boots are a statement boot. In the 1980s, certain New Yorkers began wearing them to keep comfortable and dry when on their feet all day. New York City can have heavy snowfalls and cold days. From there, popularity spread into an urban fashion statement. Timberland boots started to appear in hip hop and rap music videos. Some songs even mentioned Timberland boots in the lyrics. Early in the 1990s sales took off due to popular culture and the boots became a fashion staple. But let’s not forget the reason was the durability of the boots. Timberland boots are incredibly comfortable to wear for long durations, but also well made to withstand cold, rain, and snow. While Timberland boots are known for their style, their work boots are just as popular and are designed for professionals on the job. Timberland is constantly improving its boots, with new, innovative technologies to make the very best possible boot.

Did Timberland Boots invent injection moulding?

In 1965, Timberland introduced injection moulding soles which attached the sole to the boot with this truly waterproof method. The method was perfected in 1976. This ground-breaking method ensures the feet stay truly dry, and it’s one of the reasons Timberland boots became so popular. Since then, Timberland has maintained this forward-thinking mentality and continued to update their technologies to build a better boot.

What safety toe styles does Timberland make?

Almost all Timberland work boots have a composite safety toe. It does have a few alloy toe styles, plus a steel toe and a soft toe work style. This ensures you can trust Timberland boots for your safety and protection on the job.

Are Timberland Pro boots Waterproof?

Many but not all Timberlands are waterproof and have the injection moulded sole and they also have either Gore-Tex® or TimberDry™ membranes in them; the TimberDry™ technology is even made with 50% recycled plastic, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing. Models that include a Vibram sole are the highest rated. Wei’s stocks the highly-rated Boondock and Endurance waterproof boots among other Timberland styles. Both of these have proven themselves for our customers on cold, rainy days.

Do Timberland boots fit true to size?

Timberland boots are engineered to American size standards and fit true to size. From work boots to casual wear, you’ll love the way your Timberlands fit snug and feel lightweight on your feet.