Wei's - Our Story

Since 1956, spanning over three generations, Wei’s Western Wear has been an institution in Central Alberta. 

One of the longest standing independent family businesses in the region, we have withstood the test of time because we represent the values of Albertans; hard work, humility, and family. It is our tradition to continue offering our legendary selection of western and work wear with more than 50 brands to choose from.

wei mahOur story originates from humble beginnings. Wei Mah and his wife Moon, immigrated to Canada early in the 1950’s.  Wei was a skilled shoe and leather repair artisan. He apprenticed in Red Deer for a time before deciding to call the city home and start his own small repair shop.

He soon began making a name for himself in the area, known for his tireless work ethic, fixing cowboy boots and shoes through all hours of the night, with exceptional skill and craftsmanship.  This is when he developed a loyal following.


What happened after was an extension of our modest beginnings as a shoe repair shop. Wei began selling cowboy boots alongside his repair work. Then came the jeans, then the shirts, after that, the jackets, hats, and more. Soon it evolved into what we are now, Wei’s Western Wear, one of the largest western wear brands in Alberta with a second location, Wei's 2, on Red Deer's North Hill.


Alberta has since evolved, and with it, our business grew as well. Alberta’s oil and gas and heavy industry sector was growing rapidly, and our business values of hard work fit well with the work wear industry.  As such, work wear is now an integral part of our business and many of our customers know us for the same quality brands in both western wear and work wear.

working cowboyOur legacy continues on to this day. Wei and Moon have passed the business onto the next generation of the Mah family, who continue with the same values derived from the shoe repair shop.

We thank our supporters, customers and dedicated staff for achieving 65 years in business. We will continue to pride ourselves on our customized level of service, our dedication to our customers, and our legendary selection to be a part of the heartbeat of Red Deer and Central Alberta.

We are proud to serve you in-store, or at weiswesternwear.com where we are working to add our legendary selection online.