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Wei's has 100+ Styles of Men's Cowboy Boots

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Is Western Wear Popular?

Western Wear is classic. It’s an identifiable look of clothing and footwear that says you are independent, you have strength, and you value your place in the heritage.

When you think about it, Western Wear has influenced clothing styles and culture across the world for more than 100 years. Now that's popular!

Here’s a small sample of Western Wear influence: the Western movies of Hollywood, since the 1920s. The bandanas and neckerchiefs worn by bikers, made famous by Hollywood’s movie The Wild One, starring Marlon Brando? Where did those kerchiefs and bandanas come from? What are the roots of motorcycle movie Easy Rider? Western Wear.

Where did 1970s rock stars borrow the idea to wear a long scarf? Where did the bandana worn by the lead singer for the Guns ‘N’ Roses rock band in the 1990s come from? Western Wear.

The “cowboy look” is known from Australia to Azerbaijan, and from Zurich to Zengzhou. It’s still very popular in the 21st Century. Wei’s Western wear fulfills customer wishes by sending parts of its legendary selection not only across Canada and the USA, but also to Asia Pacific and Europe.


What is Included in a Western Wear Outfit?

Lucchese boot anatomy diagram

Image courtesy of Lucchese

You can embrace Western fashion while claiming your own style and resisting stereotypes because there are so many styles, colours and graphics available at Wei’s Western Wear, it’s easy to be yourself.

A head-to-toe Western wear outfit will include a visually commanding Western hat that keeps the sun and the snow off your head. You don’t have to water your horse with your “bucket hat” to enjoy Western hat style. Wei’s has dozens of styles by brands such as Stetson, Resistol, Seratelli, Bailey, Akubra and Outback. Check out the Wei’s Hat Size Guide on this website.

A Cowboy Hat usually has small holes to help release any perspiration and promote air circulation. The hat brim is about 3 inches but could be wider, and the hat’s fit on your head is mid-profile but could be taller, such as the famous Ten Gallon Hat.

On your feet, a pair of cowboy boots that fit as cleanly and securely as a second skin. At the very beginning in 1956, Wei’s was Wei Mah, a talented boot repairman who catered to customers from across Alberta. We have 65 years of knowing about cowboy boots. What would you like to know?

To learn more, check out the cowboy boot illustration courtesy of our friends at Lucchese, one of the earliest American manufacturers of cowboy boots.

The rest of your Western wear outfit is your shirt, maybe a vest, your pants and a good belt, and yes, cowboys do wear socks and underwear and sometimes a little jewelry.

What Makes a Great Shirt for a Western Outfit?

Want to know why one shirt costs $29 and another shirt costs $89 or more? The difference is likely in the design as well as the quality of the material. The design elements of a Western shirt are influenced by practical considerations such as fit and comfort.  The quality of material needs no mention, you can feel the difference when you come in-store.  If you are shopping online, look for 100% cotton or blends from your favourite brands, including Wrangler, Ariat, Cinch, or more.

    Why Do Western Wear Shirts Have Snaps?

    Western shirt design features may include snaps instead of buttons – why? Because snaps come off in an instant, with one hand, and won’t get hung up on something at the wrong moment.

    When you’re hanging onto a galloping horse, a split second can make a big difference.

    Besides practicality, let’s face it, snaps are cool.

    Most snaps can be pearly white or black. Some brands such as Scully are known for intricate designs on their snaps. Many of the Scully shirts carried by Wei’s are works of art.

    A longer cuff with more snaps or buttons is more stylish and formal.

    The more buttons or snaps on a cuff, the more fitted the cuff will be on your wrist and arm. You would not want to fasten and unfasten several buttons on each arm. Snaps would be much easier.

    A regular cuff, especially with just one button, is more casual. The number of buttons or snaps also impacts the price.

    snap western wear shirt


    Can Western Wear be Worn for Work?

    Whether you’re working on the farm, in the trades, in the field or in a shop, driving a truck, or working in a retail store like Wei’s, denim is the default. Of course if you’re working at home anything goes, so why not go for the easy comfort of Western wear? Keep it simple. 

    The core of Western wear is jeans. Denim provides warmth and protection, and styles have pockets for your necessities.the heavier fabric weights are pretty rugged. In fact, Wei’s has your denim needs covered for all 4 seasons with jeans from lightweight 9 oz all the way up to heavyweight 14.25oz, which are pretty rugged.

    Most fabric weights have optional stretch fabric worn right in to provide ease of movement. Some fabric weaves including twill resist tearing and a ‘rip stop’ weave is made for rugged work. If you’re working in the field and insulation is on your mind, Wei’s has fleece denim styles from Carhartt and Wrangler to keep you toasty while you’re in the elements.   

    Even at the office, ’blue jean Fridays” are common and jeans are given the ‘thumbs up’. There are very few workplaces where jeans are not welcome and did you know, most bosses even wear jeans! 

    So keep your Western pants handy, and get ‘em washed and dried. Don’t even think about ironing or dry-cleaning, because it’s just not needed. If you forgot your Western pants and shirt under a pile and they became more wrinkly than you’d like, let the clothes dryer be your friend. Just throw your clothes in, enjoy your coffee, come back and they’re done, and you’re ready. That’s part of the beauty of Western wear clothing. Keep it simple.

    If you need to adhere to a ‘business casual’ rule, you can still bring Western style to your workplace. Wei’s has Western pants and shirts that meet the need for Western wear style. Our Wrangler Wranchers are a dressier poly pant that includes a crease, and come in several different colours. Wranchers look smart and they’re really comfortable, including a little stretch. Wei’s also carries Dickies lighter-weight pants that are great for warehouse or casual office work. Pair any of these with a Western belt and a great shirt, and you’re sticking to what’s true for you.

    Have you been to Wei’s stores? When you come looking for a Western shirt, you might just be amazed are our rows and rows of Cinch, Ariat, Wrangler, Roper, Stetson, Panhandle Slim, Scully and more brands, in sizes from Small all the way to 5X in some styles.

    These brands have held true to their Western heritage and also brought in some modern touches and new clothing technologies. Wei’s stocks shirts in vibrant colours, modern designs and comfort-fitting fabrics while being unmistakably Western. It’s not your Grandpa’s Western wear anymore, unless you want it that way - we do have original fit shirts, traditional designs, and 100% cotton fabrics.

    When you’re choosing from hundreds of shirts, you’re going to find some you like in the size you need in our legendary selection. These shirt styles are often seasonal, meaning the manufacturers have limited runs and re-ordering may not be possible.

    Shirt styles move quickly and Wei’s is constantly trying to get new stock on our website, so please check back to see what’s new. We want you to have the shirt you want to show your Western style at work.

    Ariat and Wrangler are two brands that have gone the extra mile, making Western fashion part of their Flame-Resistant shirt line-up. If you need FR, you can still have Western wear style. You’ll find these styles on our website, ready to be shipped to wherever you need them, at the camp or at the office.

    What's the Best Occasion for Western Wear?

    There are really only two occasions - also known as work and play - and Western Wear suits both occasions. 

    It’s not just cowboys who wear western wear. The vast majority of men and women own a pair of jeans (or two, or three) and a well-fitting long-sleeved shirt (or two, or three) that suits your personality. That’s the core of Western wear right there, almost from head to toe!

    But it’s the accessories that make the difference, and identify you. What will take you to the cowboy groove is the boots and the hat. Yes - it’s really the footwear and headwear that make the difference! 

    First, the feet. Remember, cowboy boots have moved beyond having only pointed styles, since not everyone can wear them. Cowboy boots come in square toed and rounded toed styles. Some boots get closer to ‘biker’ styles and that’s why several bookmakers like Canada West, Boulet, even the venerable Lucchese, make boot styles that are solid, and might be plain except for some metal adornments, and emphasize a square toe. 

    At the other end of the spectrum, take a cowboy boot with a rounded toe and make it shorter, just above the ankle. Now you’ve got a ‘Romeo’ style, or the style of Blundstone boot that has been a trendsetter for decades. Yes, they have a few extras, such as a pull tab at the heel and some stretch fabric near to the ankle. These makers of short boots are pretty smart, making their boots easier to get on and get off. But at their core, you cold certainly argue it’s an offshoot of the family of cowboy boots. Bottom line, put on your jeans and shirt, then add your Blundstones or biker boots, and you’re pretty dang close to being a Westerner. 

    Now, the top part - the hat. Let’s face it, almost everyone has the need for a hat at some time of the year. The weather kind of demands that we go beyond homie and parka head coverings to something amore substantial and stylish. A hat - you need a hat. The question is do you want to wear something called a beanie, or do you want to wear a hat that fits your head, covers your head? A real hat deserves to be in the sentence ‘from head to toe’ - hey, that’s your hat and boots.

    No doubt about it, a traditional Western hat is a working hat. It’s not just the fit, and it’s not just the style, it’s the purpose-made shape of the hat, and the key is the brim. The brim of the hat is what covers your face and neck from the rain and snow and sun. The workers in the fields all over the world have traditionally had wide-brimmed hats, because the hat is a treasure of any person who works with their hands. Too busy working hard to wipe off the sweat or rain? No problem, your hat keeps you dry. Riding in he mountains, looking for gold, and your horse is getting thirsty? It’s also known as a bucket hat. Don’t get squeamish on us. 

    Sure, the essential Cowboy hat style has been improved by adding a few well-placed holes to let some air circulate up there. And the brim could taper down, or curl up. It could be a 2.5 inch brim, or even a 3.5 inch brim. These are the functional questions anyone will ask (or might just think about).

    Then, onto style. The hat can be pounced (shaped) in many ways to suit the personality of the hat wearer. A simple rounded top might suit some, but most hat wearers want a beveled top with one or two peaks, like a Stetson or a Serratelli. Want more of an adventurer look, or are you even a private eye kind of guy? Wei’s has you covered. Wei’s carries 10 different brands of Western hats, and any of them are good enough for a Cowboy. 

    This is why Western-style hats are inherently superior to ball caps. There - we said it. Sure, we like ball caps but Western Cowboy hats are much better-looking, and yep, they are more functional. Got a wet neck? You’ve probably been out in the rain wearing a ball cap.

    On a Saturday night when there’s a community dance, it’s time for cowboys to shower a lot and dress up a little. Clean and shine the boots with mink oil. Put on fresh socks that are tall enough so cowboy boots will not chafe your calves. Wei's has Schaefer boots socks and other brands that are made for the purpose. Some cowboys tuck their pants inside their boots, like a traditional soldier’s attire.

    Clean jeans, a good-looking belt and a big buckle. A western shirt. Sometimes a cravat, now often called a wild rag, which absorbs sweat at the neck and accentuates your head. Ready for any occasion.


    Why Wei’s Western Wear?

    Wei’s ships Western wear clothing, boots, hats and more to every province, and across the USA. Customers are attracted by our great selection and reasonable prices.

    At our stores, every day customers come in to browse through our western wear, work wear and casual wear. Many of these customers are passing through Red Deer, or they’ve made a special trip from Calgary or Edmonton to come to Wei’s. Some come from BC or Saskatchewan. We appreciate the time and effort they’ve invested to come and see our selection.

    They tell us we have the best selection of cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and cowboy shirts. When we ask about their local stores, they laugh and point to what we have, and they say there’s no comparison. 

    They also come to Wei’s for the second-to-none selection of work boots, with more than 20 brands available. They come to find the right style and size of Western jeans - we have more than 100 Wrangler styles in stock! We also carry Cinch, Silver, Ariat, Rock&Roll, and other key brands.

    We’re still working at getting all these items online, but you can always phone one of our stores to discuss the style and size you want. Check back to see the new items we’ve added, and the new arrivals we’re bringing in for you.


    What is the Most Popular Brand of Western Wear for Men?

    Wrangler is probably the biggest Western brand. But guess what, you could also say it’s the coolest. The chart-topping 2019 Country Music Award song Old Town Road, recorded by Lil Nas X with Billy Ray Cyrus, was followed with a clothing collection by Lil Nas X with… Wrangler. It’s fair to say anyone can call their favourite brand is coolest… but this music star chose Wrangler.

    If you released one of the biggest country songs in the past 10 years, you can call yourself cool. 

    The Lil Nas X collection sold out quickly at Wrangler. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we’d say more collections will be coming. 


    We can’t mention the new without the original. About 20 years ago, country music superstar George Strait launched his Wrangler clothing collection.

    George Strait styles are still one of Wrangler’s (and Wei’s) best-sellers.


    Is Western Wear Clothing in Style?

    Western Wear is timeless, in a style anyone can wear.  It’s always in style in North America, and is being discovered in Europe and Asia.

    Why is that? Well, we think Western wear is Practical, Efficient and Direct.

    Given its history as the original workwear, Western Wear clothing is more practical than other clothing styles. Your pants have 5 pockets, not 4 or 2, and the denim is more rugged and rip-resistant than non-Western styles. Your shirt pockets can snap shut to help keep important things inside those pockets. Cuffs are adjustable for warmth and fit. Of course your pants have belt loops. 

    Western wear is more efficient. Time to go somewhere? Slip on the boots, no laces here. Do up your shirt with a snap, snap, snap. Tuck in the shirt? Optional, of course. Bring a hat, no matter what weather, and you’ll be prepared for anything. Done.

    When you think of the pointed yokes on the front or back of a shirt or jacket, or the squared-off corners on the corners of a pocket flap, they’re a little more pointed, a little more direct. What you see is what you get.

    What about colours and designs? Pants are always plain. Blue or black are enough choices - okay, maybe tan for a hot Summer day. If it’s not machine washable, forget it. 

    But what goes on top of those plain pants has some life to it. Shirts have colour, and Wei’s has a great selection of Cinch, Artist, Wrangler, Roper and Panhandle, plus other brands. 

    When you want to blend in, blend in. Choose a small-checked plaid or design, or even paisley, to provide some colour. When you want to stand out, stand out. Western shirts have some of the wildest designs in fashion. Its Mexican heritage stands out with bold red, white, brown and black colours. Its Indigenous influences add variety with turquoise, yellow, orange and subdued greys, blues and off-whites. 

    Wei’s Western Wear has the styles and designs to suit you, whether you’re dressing for work or play, for any occasion. 

    Is Western Wear Popular Internationally?

    Yes. In Europe, Italian fashion houses have grabbed onto Western styles, “There’s something about a denim Western shirt or trucker jacket that’s just effortlessly cool right now,” says Italian designer Gauthier Borsarello in high lifestyle magazine Robb Report

    Has Wei’s shipped orders to Europe? The answer is yes, and we have lots of denim shirts and trucker jackets in stock for you. When you wear them you’ll know you are setting the trends for  Europeans. 

    Over in Tokyo, a menswear fashion house has a collection of “sawtooth” denim shirts with two front pockets with snaps, and snaps on the cuffs. Definitely Western wear. 

    What are some Popular Brands of Western Wear for Men?

    A list of boot brands or hat brands would be different, but for Western Wear clothing, the most popular brands at Wei’s include Wrangler, Ariat, Cinch, Roper, Levi’s, and Panhandle. Kimes Ranch and Dale Brisby clothing styles are becoming more popular too. And brands like Silver and Rock&Roll are favourites of our customers, even though they may not be officially Western Wear.

    What Makes Work Boots Comfortable?

    Assuming you will buy work boots with the correct safety rating for the jobsite, then the number one consideration when buying a workboot is comfort. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t wear it.

    You know your left foot and right foot are not the same size. Your feet also have particular length - Wei’s stocks some work boot styles from size 6 to 16.
    Your feet have a particular width, too – and the most popular width in Canada is EE or EEE. Wei’s also stocks single E and D widths, and selected B widths. So whether you need a 6B or a 15EEE or something in between, Wei’s legendary selection means we probably have stock of a boot that fits you.
    Besides length and width your unique feet have a particular heel width, arch depth and length, instep height, and toes that may seem short or long. Read below how each boot brand uses unique lasts that create boots for specific feet. That’s why you should try on different brands, because they fit differently.
    Each facet of your foot can be accommodated by a combination of the boot brand and size, and an insole as needed. Wei’s also stocks a variety of Red Wing insoles, Ariat insoles for square toe or toes toe styles, and other insoles that help your work boot fit just right and provide extra comfort.
    How Are Work Boots Made?
    How Are Work Boots Stitched?

    The upper part of the boot protects your shin, instep, ankle and toes. The sole of the boot protects and supports your heel, arch, and ball of the foot, and helps prevent foot fatigue. So far, so good. Now to join those two pieces together and create the final work boot.

     Viberg boots lasting

    When boots and shoes were handmade (and they still can be, if you have the budget), the upper and sole were often stitched together using an additional piece of leather called a welt.

    The welt was stitched to the upper, and stitched to the sole. The presence of the welt allowed the footwear to be re-soled, so your investment could last longer. However the extra labour ensured this footwear was more expensive, and not affordable for everyone.

     In about 1872, Charles Goodyear finalized a machine that would complete this welting process, meaning the shoe could be manufactured more quickly and less expensively.

    Boots with Goodyear welts could be more affordable compared to handmade versions, could be re-soled as needed, and did last longer. When you see a boot with stitches around the outside, you’re looking at a Goodyear welt.

    Goodyear welting machine; JB Goodhue boot with Goodyear welting

    Since about the 1970s, most shoes have been made by gluing or cementing the upper part of the boot to the sole. Once the sole wears out, it is not possible to attach another sole to the upper part of the boot. The lifespan of the footwear is much shorter, or is even disposable, but the cost is lower too.

    Most work boots are not intended to be disposable. You buy the best fit and get the quality you need, then you break them in by wearing them week in and week out.

    Having the option to re-sole the boots preserves the time you spent making them your own, and also costs less than buying new boots.

    What Are the Best Soles for Work Boots?

    The most popular sole in the world is likely a Vibram sole. The classic Vibram Carramoto sole was introduced in 1937 by Vitale Bramini to enable better traction and safer mountain climbing. Almost 100 years later, this sole design is still licensed to many boot makers around the world.

    The classic Vibram sole introduced in 1937 (left).

    A Vibram Longhaul sole used by Canada West boots (centre)

    A Vibram sole developed for Dunlop boots (right).

    Classic Vibram sole

    Vibram Long Haul sole for Canada West Boots  

    Vibram sole for Dunlop Explorer boot

     In the 1970s Vibram used Nitrile, an oil-resistant compound, in the Security sole to reduce slippage where oil hazards exist. The company has continued to develop high traction soles, often for other boot manufacturers.

    For example, boot maker Dunlop commissioned a Vibram sole for the oil industry, resulting in one of Dunlop's best boots. See the Dunlop boot at Wei's.

    What is Better, Steel Toed Boots or Composite Toed Boots?

    As workplace safety standards increased, especially in the 1950s, foot protection solutions were a priority since foot injuries are common.

    Your feet need protection from falling objects on top of the foot and punctures into the bottom of the foot, as well as protection from intense heat, electrical and chemical hazards, and of course from slipping.

    Steel toe boots, steel toe caps and safety shoes became increasingly mandated, especially after the Occupational Health and Safety Act was introduced in the US in 1970.

    Steel may also be used to protect the metatarsal (upper instep) part of the foot, or placed on the bottom of the insole to protect against punctures from sharp objects.

    Work boots are now offered in steel toe, aluminum toe and composite toe styles. How do steel toe caps compare to composite to caps?

    Steel Toe Advantages and Disadvantages

    The steel used in safety boots is not just a slab of steel - the pieces are precisely cut according to safety standards and are of course fitted to a particular boot style. 

    The main advantage of steel is its strength. For many decades steel was the strongest manufacturing material available. Steel plates have typical thickness of about 1.5 - 2mm, so they are very thin, while being very strong. 

    Disadvantages of steel toes include their conductivity. Steel is a great conductor and a poor insulator. It will conduct electrical charges and freezing cold temperatures. The steel in your boot is wrapped in leather or other materials to limit this conductivity. 

    The weight of the steel adds to the weight of the boot, influencing foot fatigue and general productivity. 

    As aluminum improvements and options increased, alum toe caps have now become

    Composite Toe Advantages and Disadvantages

    A big advantage of composite toe boots is they will not conduct electricity the way a metal toe would. If you work around electrical hazards, this could be a big purchase factor. 

    Another advantage of composite toes is they will insulate against freezing cold temperatures better than steel toes. 

    Composite toes weight a lot less than steel toes. Hold a composite boot in one hand and a steel toe in the other, and you can probably tell the difference in weight.

    Is there a disadvantage to composite toe boots? There could difference in the amount of impact these two types of work boots can withstand. Just like a car made of high tech plastic versus steel, there may be a difference in impact resistance.

    However, if composite boots meet safety code standards then there should not be a worry.