Akubra hats have a style that has been distinctively Australian since 1877, but also resonates with people around the world who have a sense of flair and adventure, and an appreciation of superior natural materials, handmade quality, and style. Wei's Western Wear carries a selection of fine Akubra hats for you to discover. 


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Do Akubra Hats stretch?

Akubra hats do not stretch; always purchase the next size up if you’re between sizes and use a liner (even a folded business card inside the hat will help). Your hat will eventually conform to your head shape, but won’t ever stretch. Depending on how they are treated, they may shrink over time. Good care and maintenance of your hat is critical; if the hat has become wet, let it dry naturally because force drying it can cause it to shrink. Wei's stocks a few hat cleaning essentials such  a coarse sponge brush made especially for hats, and a hat stiffener spray.

When not wearing your hat, rest it upside down or on a hat peg to help keep its shape. If your hat gets out of shape, simply use steam to gently reshape it. To clean your hat, brush it counterclockwise, then lightly rub the area with a damp cloth to clean it (make sure to use water and no other cleaning products).

Are Akubra Hats unisex?

Yes, the hats are unisex, as with any great cowboy hat. The sizes range from 6 ⅝ all the way to size 8, which covers a range of head sizes and types. Men typically have a hat size of 59 cm, while women hover around 57 cm. Make sure to measure your head correctly in order to get the best fitting hat and size up if slightly tight.

What are Akubra Hats made of?

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Will an Akubra hat be ruined in the rain?

An Akubra hat can get wet, but isn't designed to be submerged in water or exposed for long periods of time. Light showers and rain drizzle are fine, but thunderstorms aren’t going to help your hat live a long life. It’s important to remember not to force dry your hat if it does get wet, as it can cause the inside leather band to shrink.

Always pat dry your hat and let it air dry; be sure to never put it away wet, or else it can lead to mildew. As your hat ages, the waterproofing will start to break down, but your head should still stay dry for the most part.