Cinch clothing is a favourite due to its great fit and its vibrant ways of expressing traditional designs. Wei's carries Cinch for men, women and kids. Note - many Cinch Men's shirts do not have Western yokes or snaps, so they are stocked in the Casual collection.


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What types of products is Cinch known for?

Cinch is known for their durable, stylish jeans in a wide range of washes and fits. For both work and play, jeans by Cinch are a smart choice. But that’s not even close to all that Cinch offers; they’re also known for their shirts, outerwear and accessories, for men, women and children. You’ll love the Western style and range of options to choose from, for any occasion.

How do Cinch Men’s shirts fit?

Cinch classic shirts fit reasonably relaxed. When ordering the classic fit, you may want to order one size smaller than you normally wear in other brands. The modern fit is more true to size and you can wear what you normally wear, but expect a more tailored fit that looks great on nights out. If you’re choosing a shirt for work or active use, Cinch’s ArenaFlex shirt features four-way stretch to help keep you comfortable in movement.

What are the different Cinch fits for men's shirts?
Are Cinch Women’s Shirts similar to Men’s styles?

Yes, Cinch is unisex and men and women can both wear them. Cinch also offers a Women’s collection of shirts with a more tailored fit and stylish appeal that women love, but with the extra-long sleeves and tails that Cinch is known for. Explore button-down and snap-front Western shirts in a range of styles and hues or browse more casual items like tanks, T-shirts, and hoodies.