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Justin Boots

Justin Boot Company has been handcrafting western footwear since 1879 when founder H.J. Justin established this industry-leading western footwear brand in Texas. Wei's has stocked Justin boots and belts for several decades. 


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Did Justin Boots invent the Roper boot?

Yes, Justin Boots have been trendsetters in the boot industry for 140 years. With an eye for creative boot design and unique construction, Justin Boots created the iconic Roper boot and many other unique boots over the years. Justin Boots has even designed boots for movie stars and presidents thanks to their industry-leading craftsmanship and design.

Does Wei’s stock Justin exotic boots?

Yes, you can find a range of Justin exotic boots at Wei’s in various designs and styles. You’ll love the unique look of these hard-to-find boots that draw the eye. While these handsome boots are perfect for completing an evening outfit, they’re also comfortable enough to be worn all day too. Don’t let the exotic leathers fool you; these boots are expertly made and built to last. Grab a pair of Justin exotic boots for a distinctive, rare boot that makes a worthy addition to any collection.

What are Justin Boots known for?
What is the history of Justin Boots?

Justin Boots has a long, storied past that dates back to 1879 when the founder H.J. Justin first established the brand. The founder was first a boot repairman, but was determined to find a way to build better boots. The company was born out of his sheer determination, and has been crafting innovative boots and products ever since.

The first pair of boots the company produced were retan boots, which are a heavier boot made for riding out on the range, but the founder quickly became more creative and mastered different techniques to stay at the forefront of the industry, even creating the iconic Roper boot.

Justin Boots has merged with other companies over the years and grown significantly since its humble roots 140 years ago, but it hasn’t let go of its guiding principles of quality, integrity, value, and family, and this clearly shows in their outstanding products that Wei’s is proud to stock.