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Why are Blundstones so popular?

Blundstone was the first brand to take the English Victorian-era low boot with stretchy side panels and consistently make it into a worldwide phenomenon. Since 1870, Blundstone has focused on making this style and adapted that first style for almost all of their footwear. They now offer casual and work styles for men, women and kids. The original “500” series has now sold 25 million pairs around the world. By focusing on fit, quality, and a boot that can withstand the Canadian climate, Blundstone has become one of the most popular boot brands, worn by many celebrities. Word of mouth has played a key role in the brand’s rise in popularity, with people sharing their great experiences wearing these simple but comfortable boots.

Does Blundsone make work boots?

Yes, Blundstone makes several styles of workboots. A steel toe and steel puncture-resistant plate enable them to be CSA approved for job sites. Keep in mind, Blundstones are ankle height. They even make a style with a metatarsal guard to help protect the top of your foot. Blundstones help protect from impact, puncture, electrical shock, chemical damage, water, snags, and falls from laces.

Are Blundstones good quality?

In addition to ensuring top quality full grain leather, Blundstone puts its elastic through tests. The elastic must stretch 10,000 times to be good enough for Blundstone boots. Blundstones are durable boots that can last you years to come with the right care.

Are Blundstones good in winter?

Although not made for cold winters, Blundstones do keep feet warm and dry in mild winters. This is due to the thick weatherproof leather and the close fit that moulds to your feet. The soles give you better grip and traction in winter while remaining lightweight and flexible, not like a traditional heavy winter boot. With proper care and regular waterproofing, your Blundstones will outlast winter after winter.

Are there fake Blundstones?

WIth Blundstone’s popularity, some have tried to copy that success. Unfortunately, some websites claim to sell Blundstones at 50% off. That discount price is the way you can tell they’re not real. Blundstone pays very close attention to its prices and never authorises deep discounts; in fact, Blundstones never go on sale in Canada unless the boot is being discontinued. You can find a list of authorised distributors on Blundstone’s website or contact Blundstone directly if in doubt. Wei's is an approved vendor of Blundstone in Canada and online.