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Which Iconic Red Wing Work Boot Is Right for You?

Red Wing Work Boot Collection at Wei’s

When it comes to work boots, one of the most well-known and iconic boots on the market is Red Wing. For more than a century, Red Wing has been known as a higher quality boot for the working man. 

These are the premium boots workers aspire to have, because Red Wing, based in Minnesota USA, started by sourcing American leather and producing the boots in their US facilities where long-time bootmakers produce boots worthy of the Red Wing name. More recently they bought the tannery that supplied the leather for many of their boots. This end-to-end quality control is one of the reasons why Red Wing has fans all over the world.

Weis Western Wear is proud to be one of few independent dealers to carry Red Wing, and that’s because we have faithfully represented the brand for decades. Although Wei’s carries more than 25 brands of work boots, we have to say Red Wing remains a favourite. 

The only issue is to figure out which Red Wings are the ones for you. Do you prefer Red Wings with laces or a Red Wing pull-on style? Need a big toe box? Need a boot purpose-built for construction, or welding? Do you work outside in the cold winters where insulated Red Wing work boots are a must-have, or at a jobsite where you need waterproof Red Wing boots? 

Or maybe you live in a city where the Red Wing brand still speaks to you, but you want a boot that’s comfortable all day long on sidewalks and the subway. Yes, Wei’s has Red Wings for your needs too. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the history of why Red Wings are so good, and then we’ll dive into some of the best-selling styles of the more than 20 Red Wing boots carried by Wei’s Western Wear here in Canada.

The History of Red Wing Company

German-born shoemaker Charles Beckman founded Red Wing Shoe Company in 1905. Beckman closed his retail store because he saw a niche to fill; the industrial and manufacturing boom meant more people working dirty jobs, but suitable footwear was not widely available so Beckman found 14 investors and created Red Wing Shoe Company.

Red Wing’s company vision “was to be the world’s most respected brand of performance footwear for work and outdoor.” The only way to earn that respect is through quality: quality purpose-built designs that support and protect the foot, quality of leather and other materials, and quality of craftsmanship.

There are lots of work boot brands, but inferior designs produce foot fatigue or even damage your feet, and inferior materials and construction don’t last. Those other work boots don’t get the respect that Red Wing has earned from its customers, built over a century of producing quality work boots. After a century of crafting innovative workboots, Red Wing has earned the right to be called an industry leader.

A Century of Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing has been in the game for a century and has adapted to the times, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to better serve their customers with workwear that suits their needs. 

Here are some ways Red Wing Shoe Company has continued to push the envelope: 

  • Industrialization: At Red Wing’s inception, the increase of industrial jobs—heavy manufacturing, mining, logging, and more—led to the need for work shoes that could keep up.  
  • War: With the advent of WWI in 1918, Red Wing was there to outfit soldiers with regulation shoes (the Munson U.S. Army Last) that were durable, comfortable, and fit any foot size. 
  • 1930s: To help protect construction workers and other such industries, Red Wing introduced steel-toed boots. Not long after, Red Wing helped solve another trade problem for the oil field—oil-resistant “Oil King” boots. 
  • Affordable New Materials: Red Wing revolutionized footwear construction by replacing leather with rubber soles. Rubber was less costly and, more importantly, more durable. In fact, Red Wing survived The Great Depression by manufacturing a rubber-soled shoe called Model No. 99 that cost only $0.99!  
  • 1980s: New job markets, like health care and computers, called for comfortable footwear that you could wear all day. Red Wing rose to the occasion by creating shoes to suit this new, growing industry. 
  • Lady Red Wing Shoes: In the 80s, another niche appeared that Red Wing solved, creating work boots for women. Lady Red Wing shoes are not as bulky, are built to fit ladies’ feet, are lightweight (urethane soles), and come with safety toes.

Red Wing has outlasted wars, a Depression, and countless new demands for shoe types. But what is it that Red Wing has that other shoe and boot companies don’t? That and more, next.  

What Sets Red Wing Boots Apart From the Competition?

Time to dive into some of the design and component innovations that are available on many Red Wing work boots.

SuperSole and Supersole 2.0 are Red Wing’s proprietary sole that cushions and protects. Make no mistake, this sole is for heavy-duty boots. It’s a dual-density sole with a soft inner layer for cushioning and comfort, plus a harder outer layer for abrasion and cut resistance and chemical resistance, as well as durability and superior traction. This sole meets or exceeds all worldwide standards for slip resistance. 

The Super Sole is also attached to the Red Wing boot via direct stitching to make it last even longer. On top of all that, the Supersole is a non-marking sole.

Swen Flex non-metallic, puncture-resistant insoles meet or exceed all world standards, including CSA, ASTM and EN standards, for electric shock resistance and puncture resistance. They’re made from high strength woven fibres.

ComfortForce removable footbed features a curved arch for extra comfort and is made with unique Venturi air perforations to manage moisture and help keep feet cool and dry. The  special weave pattern helps channel the energy created by walking to reduce foot fatigue.

Vibram Soles are featured on selected Red Wing boots, and when it comes to an outsole with the reputation for the best design, grip, and sure-footedness, it’s Vibram. 

Red Wing Shoe Company offers unsurpassed comfort, fit, durability, and function (a shoe for every trade). However, providing customers with a top-quality, time-tested brand means Red Wings footwear has a higher price tag. 

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Red Wings boots have been relied on for over a century and are consistently hailed as the most comfortable boot no matter your trade. 

Now, before you get excited and order your pair of Red Wings work boots, know that Red Wing Shoe Company doesn’t permit online sales of their work boots. Instead, you have to go to an authorized dealer like Wei’s is proud to be an authorized Red Wing Shoe Company work boot dealer. 

Please call Wei's stores to discuss how to order Red Wing work boots and shoes.

Red Wing Work Boot Collection at Wei’s

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to buy a new work boot. Wei’s offers more than 20 styles of Red Wing work boots. Here are eight of the most popular styles:

Red Wing Boots Men's Steel Toe Waterproof Gore-Tex 2414 - Red Wing

  • 8” Waterproof Gore-Tex CSA Steel Toe 2414: This full-grain leather upper work boot is packed with features including CSA-approved puncture and oil resistant sole and electrical shock resistance, steel safety toe, a soft inner sole, and SuperSole 2.0 durable slip resistant outsole. It is not insulated (to keep you cool).
  • 8” Lace-Up Steel Toe Thinsulate Gore-Tex 2412: The 2412 is the cousin to the 2414 boot; the main difference is this boot is 3M Thinsulate-lined (400g) to keep your feet warm. Includes Gore-tex waterproof lining. This boot is a top seller at Wei’s because it has what it takes to tackle any job site or climate.

  • 11” Leather Pull-On 3505: All the Red Wing quality and safety features you want, in a pull-on style. CSA-approved pull-on steel toe leather boot with ComfortForce insoles and outsole that protect you from punctures/chemicals/oil and a fibreglass shank.

Red Wing Boots Men's CSA 6" Comp Toe Lace-Up King Toe 3506 - Red Wing

  • 6” CSA Comp Toe Lace-Up King Toe 3506: A medium-duty full-grain leather upper boot designed for comfort with a King Toe (44% more toe room). The boot has a non-metallic composite toe and puncture-resistant sole that meets CSA, ASTM and EN standards for puncture resistance and electrical hazard safety. These Vibram outsole, three layers of waterproofing, HRO heat-resistant soles to 475F minimum, and ComfortForce soles.

Red Wing Boots Men's 8" Lace-Up CSA Steel Toe Thinsulate 3508 - Red Wing

  • 8” Lace-Up CSA Steel Toe 400g Insulation 3508: This insulated boot meets CSA, ASTM and EN regulations (steel-toe standards, puncture-resistant, electrical hazard safety standards), offers 400g 3M Thinsulate insulation, a chemical/oil resistant, SuperSole 2.0 (slip-resistant, non-marking), ComfortForce insole comfort, and a fibreglass shank.

Red Wing Boots - Men's 3530 King Toe - Red Wing

  • Red Wing Men's Work Boots 8" Lace Up MetGuard Comp Toe Waterproof King Toe 3530 -  Need more toe room? This medium-duty boot has 44% more toe room compared to standard boots. It also has an exterior metguard safety boot, provides puncture/chemical/oil resistance, and comes equipped with the Red Wing waterproofing system as well as the Vibram Galactic Fire & Ice outsole. Of course it’s approved by CSA, ASTM and EN.

  • Red Wing Men's 11” Pull-On Insulated Waterproof CSA Comp Toe 3555 -  Stay safe and productive in this durable, CSA-approved, heavy-duty pull-on boot with electrical hazard and non-metallic safety toe protection. Red Wing waterproofing and CosmoComfort insulation combine with best-in-class puncture-, slip- and heat resistance to keep you protected and surefooted in all conditions. Triple-stitched toe and heel overlays add extra protection to high-wear areas.

  • Red Wing Men's 8” Pull-On Insulated Waterproof CSA Comp Toe 3573 -  Another heavy-duty work boot, the non-metallic composite toe 3573 combines all the CSA, ASTM and EN approvals for puncture resistance and electrical shock resistance with a best-in-class Grip-Tek rubber outsole that excels at resistance to slips, oil and chemicals. Keep dry with the Red Wing 3-layer waterproofing system. You’ll also get extra durability from triple-stitched toe and heel overlays.

Red Wing Men's Safety Toe Oxford Shoe 6633 - Red Wing

  • Oxford Safety Toe Shoes 6633: Forget the bulk with this protective shoe that offers electrical hazard protection, non-metallic safety toe, King Toe (44% more toe room than standard work boots), best-in-class oil/gas/chemical/abrasion resistance, and excellent traction.

Red Wing has no shortage of boot types and styles to meet your needs, whether that’s on the job or painting the town red.

Red Wing Boots Aren’t Just For Work, But Play Too

The beauty of Red Wing boots is that they work hard, but play hard too. If work boots define your look, why not get a second pair without the steel toe for your casual times? Not to mention, Americana wear is on trend (read more about what makes it so stylish in 2023 here). Americana footwear doesn’t just mean cowboy boots; it also means work boots.

We can’t let you go without a quick style guide for how to wear your Red Wing boots out and about. After all, Red Wing has soft-toe and shoe styles too. Red Wings are as versatile as they are stylish, and pair well with:

  • Jeans
  • Western Shirts
  • Western Jackets
  • Long Formal Coat
  • A Branded Hoodie Or T-Shirt
  • Wrangler Wranchers Semi-Formal Pant

You’ll get a ton of use out of your boots, because they suit almost every occasion and style. Whether you live in a small town or an urban city, Red Wing boots can be seen everywhere on all types of people.

Which Red Wing Boots Should You Buy?

The best way to determine which shoe to buy is to ask yourself what you need. If you live in a rainy climate then waterproof boots are on your list of must-haves. A colder climate demands insulation. Both of these climates require a good grip and slip resistant soles. 

Or, if you need a work boot, check to see your job site requirements (e.g. electricians need boots that meet electrical hazard standards). Once you know what Red Wing shoe is right for you, take a trip to Wei’s and let us help you find the perfect Red Wing footwear.

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