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Western Wear Is Back for 2023: Here’s What You Should Know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the West is back and is dominating popular culture. As a result, fashion moguls like Ralph Lauren are deriving inspiration from denim, cowboy boots, and utilitarian clothing and bringing about a resurgence in western wear style. 

Wondering how this style came back with such a vengeance? You’re not alone. Western attire seems to have taken everyone by surprise as we're seeing people from small counties to the bustling cities of Toronto sporting western wear's iconic brands, like Carhartt jackets and Red Wing boots.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Hollywood westerns doubled from 23 in 2000-2009 to 49 from 2010-2019, and that number is on a steady rise. So, is western wear going to become a style staple or fizzle out? Keep reading to find out.

Pop Culture's Love of Westerns 

Why is western wear the hottest new trend? Fashion draws inspiration from pop culture; today, inspiration comes from what people are binge-watching. A decade ago, it was all about zombies. Now, people can't get enough of westerns, thanks to HBO's Westworld and Paramount's smash-hit Yellowstone.

In fact, Yellowstone is such a runaway success that it spawned several spin-offs from 1883 to the eagerly-awaited and upcoming 6666. The success of these shows is what's driving the latest fashion craze, but why? 

As we watch, we're discovering new brands (e.g., Ariat boots) and new fashions (e.g., western) that we want to emulate in our day to day, no matter where we live. That’s right: whether you live on a farm and spend your time in hard-wearing clothing as seen on Yellowstone or whether you live in cities and don’t actually need working clothes, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t buy the same Carhartt jacket John Dutton from Yellowstone wears. 

Westerns are so popular that it isn't just TV shows capitalizing on the latest trend; we're also seeing the success of cowboy-inspired video games like Red Dead Redemption I & II.

Lastly, the western genre never truly falls out of favour because of its adaptability. Westerns are chameleons, a genre marked by their constant evolution. Original westerns that began with the "good guy" sheriff victoriously taking on corrupt gangs has morphed into a hybrid genre such as The Mandalorian, which takes cues from Spaghetti Westerns) with a new emphasis on portraying the lives of relatable characters, like the Dutton's that we all know and love to binge watch.  

So, Why Are We Now Fascinated By Westerns?

According to Forbes, we're seeing a current boom in western wear because we're itching to spend more time in nature after the lockdowns of the pandemic. We're clearly leaning on nature to help restore our mental health after enduring the stress of the pandemic, and that’s translating into the clothes and accessories that help us get down and dirty in the great outdoors. 

The Western Style Trend: Is It Here to Stay?

Buckle up, because the truth is that western wear is here to stay for the foreseeable future. But the 2023 and beyond style forecast of western wear all the way doesn't mean you need to replace your entire wardrobe with denim, Stetson hats, plaid shirts, oversized belt buckles, and cowboy boots. 

Rather, the current western style is a happy marriage between western wear staples (like cowboy boots) and what's currently in your closet. For instance, you can westernize a trendy t-shirt and jeans by adding a Wrangler jacket, or pair rugged boots with a dress.

Western wear is also influencing denim for both men and women. We're seeing denim trends go from form-fitting skinny jeans to relaxed-fit bootcuts. This means that, to accommodate Boulet cowboy boots, denim companies like Levi's and Wrangler are bringing back bootcut jeans, and we’re thrilled to kiss our skinny jeans goodbye (for now, at least).

Wei's Is Your Western Wear Destination

No matter why you’re gravitating towards western wear, Wei's has a legendary selection of iconic brands like Carhartt, Blundstones, Stetson, Levi's, and many more. We even have a label dedicated to Yellowstone die hard fans so they can become honorary members of the Dutton family (we see you!).

Another advantage of Wei’s is that our apparel buyers have seen these trends before. They not only know what to expect, but they’re also prepared. 

For example, the Western look requires jeans, but traditional jeans have a heavy weight denim, a boxy fit instead of a flattering fit, and a boot cut. So, our buyers ensure we have traditional Wranglers, slim fit and relaxed fit Wranglers and Cinch jeans, plus treated or sandblasted styles by Cinch and Silver, and that’s not all. 

Wei’s knows higher-waisted jeans are on trend, and wider-leg flare jeans are on-trend, especially for women. We have those styles by Wrangler, and extreme styles by Rock & Roll, and we have more.

Plaid is back in the mainstream right now, but at Wei’s it’s always been mainstream. We offer numerous plaids in long sleeve, short sleeve, shirt jacs, socks, underwear and other attire.

Some of our plaid fashion brands have working man credibility, such Dickies and Carhartt, and other brands are true Western brands like Panhandle, Stetson clothing, Ariat and Outback. The oh-so-trendy red and black plaid (Buffalo Plaid) is one of Wei’s all-time best sellers. The current popularity of Buffalo Plaid doesn’t surprise us, because we’ve always liked it.

One of Wei’s unique brands is Schaefer, made in Texas, and a new Western jacket we ordered has come in right on time. has come in that we love. What’s the lining? You guessed it, Buffalo Plaid. Now that’s a great jacket.

So, if it's time to westernize your attire, check out our brands or our style guides (western wear, work wear, or casual wear) to help you find the perfect western clothing, boots, or accessories to add to your wardrobe and embrace the hottest new trend.

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