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Finding the Right Men's Belt for You

When we wear a belt, some of us choose a plain belt all the time. But when you look at Wei’s collection of more than 1,000 belts, you’ll see a lot of variety that can elevate your jeans and your look.

Wei's Belt Selection

Wei's has more than 1,000 belts to choose from in many sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find what you need (and more). Here's some of what you can expect to find while shopping for a belt with Wei’s:

  • A size range between 28-60 
  • Most of our belts are made from one single piece of leather. This means the belt will last for years and years. 
  • Belt leather can be flat, matte, tooled, embossed, or inlayed
  • The belt can be a mix of leather and lace beading
  • Belt buckles range from plain to fashionable studded ones
  • Many belts have removable buckles, so you can change up the look in a moment’s notice
  • Wei’s carries a wide variety of Montana Silversmiths silver belt buckles

There’s truly no shortage of options when it comes to belts, so how do you narrow it down? Keep reading. 

The Right Fit

Never settle for anything less than the perfect fitting belt! This doesn't mean purchasing a belt in your usual pant size. It means sizing up. For instance, if you wear a pant size 34, you’ll want to go up one size to a 36 for your belt. 

The perfect-fitting belt is your pant size (34) + one size up (36). Why buy a bigger belt? There are two excellent reasons:

  • The belt has to fit over the fabric of your pants. It’s not next to your skin.
  • It gives you room to still fit should your weight ever fluctuate
  • A belt should fasten on the middle hole instead of an outer one (first or last hole). This means the tongue of the belt will extend to the other side of your waist button, and into the belt loops, which is the way a belt is usually worn.

This sizing gives you plenty of room to find the perfect fit each time you buckle your belt (no matter how big that steak for dinner was!). 

The Best Belt Construction

Once you've figured out your sizing, the next step is figuring out the kind of belt you need.

What's the function of the belt? Are you looking to show off your rodeo prowess with a blingy belt? Or are you looking for something more practical?

Most men’s belts are made with the idea that you work in it, and you live in it. This low-maintenance approach means you need a durable belt, and that’s why most belts Wei’s stocks are made to last. 

Single Piece Leather

  • The most durable belts are made from a single piece of leather, and we’re not talking suede. The leather itself can be plain, or have a pattern embossed (stamped) on it without weakening the belt’s structure and strength.
  • Wei’s belts are most often ⅛ inch thick which means they don’t stretch unless subjected to extreme pressure, and they do keep their shape. The belt loop is stitched on. 
  • This belt is sometimes referred to as a “lifetime belt”. 

Additional design elements can be stitched on.

Inlaid or Engraved

  • Inlaid or engraved belts can be a solid one-piece base. Then, some of the leather is carved out to create a design a piece of leather that is embossed, inlaid, coloured etc. is glued on top. They look good and they should last

Bonded Leather

  • Avoid bonded leather belts. Bonded leather is a mix of leather scraps and even artificial leather, all glued together and covered with a finishing colour to make it look better. There is no manufacturing standard for bonded leather.
  • The reality is a bonded leather belt will peel and crack within a few years, and end up looking shoddy. 
  • Bonded leather can be called reconstituted leather, composition leather, or blended leather.

Beaded or Laced Belts

  • Beads should be individually stitched to the leather, and you can imagine the amount of labour that takes. Wei’s has stunning beaded leather belts and they are the real thing, with no shortcuts. 
  • Avoid glued beads because anything glued on can fall off. Then you’ve got a hole in the bead pattern.  
  • Laces are inserted into the belt through holes, and these holes can weaken the integrity of the belt. 
  • Metal studs of other types of metal ornamentation are adhered through holes or glue. 
  • In general these belts may be putting fashion first, and structural integrity second. Make sure the belt is the right one for your intended use.

Explore Different Types of Belts at Wei's

Now that we've gone over all the particulars you need to consider before purchasing a belt—from fit to function—it's time to hone in on the best belt for you! We thought we'd make your belt shopping easier by creating a Wei's belt reference guide for casual wear, work wear, and western/fashionable wear. 

Casual Wear Belts

The hallmark of a casual belt is that it functions as a belt you can work and play in—the happy medium. This means the belt needs to be more fashionable than a standard belt but not so much so that it becomes impractical. 

Casual belts can be single-piece leather or other constructions, and the buckle can be plain or have some design. However, the buckle typically isn't the showpiece—oversized and blingy—as with fashionable belts. 

These are some Wei's casual wear belts worth your consideration:

  • Justin men's belts like the distressed matte brown Bomber 

Plain or Workwear Belts

Sometimes you want a plain belt, and this kind makes the best workwear belt too. If you're looking for a quality, hard-wearing work belt, then Wei's has you covered. The basis of a durable belt is that it serves one main purpose: function.

Work wear belts' responsibility is to hold your pants up on the oil field, farm, or elsewhere while you're hard at work. This means workwear belts are typically a single piece of leather with a matching plain buckle.

Here are some work wear belts we offer at Wei's:

Western Fashionable Belts

We have all the latest fashions in western wear belts and accessories for men looking to add shine to their belt collection! A fashionable belt must be a showstopper—an eye-catching buckle and intricate leather design. Practicality is of little concern, so explore oversized buckles and leather or alternative belt constructions. And don't forget that top-notch fashionable belts usually have removable buckles, meaning you can swap belt buckles depending on your mood each day. 

These are some of the latest western belts at Wei's:

No western wear wardrobe is complete without a hot new silver buckle from Wei's. Check them all out in our Montana Silversmiths collection.

  • Montana Silversmiths initials (A-Z)
  • Montana Silversmiths attitude belts like hunting or Yellowstone
  • Montana Silversmith classic longhorn buckle 
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