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Superfeet Orange Insole for Higher Arches

Superfeet Orange Insole for Higher Arches

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Superfeet Trim-to-Fit Insoles are designed for any shoe. They will improve shock absorption, improve your posture and balance, and increase your shoe's fit, comfort and performance. You will also feel reduced pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel spurs.

Features of Superfeet Orange Insole:

  • For a higher arch
  • Engineered for high-impact activities
  • Encapsulating Stabilizer System
  • Coated with Agion which inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria

Note: the tendons and muscles of your feet may need time to adjust to their properly supported positions. You may feel the arch is too far back but the insole is simply supporting your foot where it's needed. Wear your new soles 1 - 2 hours the first day and gradually increase the time you ear them each day. It's not unusual for the break-in period to last 2 weeks. Superfeet have a 60 day comfort guarantee, honoured by Wei's.