PENDLETON® Blanket Buffalo Creation Story ZL494-52966 - Pendleton

Pendleton® Blanket Buffalo Creation Story ZL494-52966

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Pendleton Legendary Collection blankets are inspired by Native American art, legends, beliefs, ceremonies, and heroes. The Buffalo Creation Story was inspired by Andrew Hobson's painting of the Buffalo-Who-Never-Dies of the White Buffalo Tribe.

In this tale, Buffalo became angry with Holy Man for having two buffalo women as his wives. Holy Man killed the angry buffalo with magic arrows and wands. But to his dismay, all the buffalos began to die. Then sad, Holy Man brought the buffalo back to life and showed him how to revive all the other buffalo. The central figure in this blanket shows the angry buffalo fractured in pieces to symbolize his death and journey back to life. Four buffalo tribes are shown inside protective medicine hoops, and the four sacred mountain ranges of the Navajo surround the central buffalo.
  • Made in the USA
  • Dry clean only
  • 64" x 80" (163 x 203 cm)
  • 82% pure virgin wool and 18% cotton
  • Napped