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Lucchese Handmade Exotic Western Boots - 4548 Men's Tan/Caiman - Lucchese

Lucchese Handmade Exotic Cowboy Boots - 4548 Men's Tan/Caiman

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Wei's offers Lucchese boots, famed for more than 100 years for their handmade, high quality attention to detail, fit, and long-lasting wear.

Lucchese was estaeritage.blished in Texas in 1883, and to this day still uses time-honored craftsmanship techniques to build handmade boots of unrivaled quality, fit, comfort and style. In virtually every step of the Lucchese bootmaking process, they rely on human hands to complete centuries-old tasks to perfection. 

Much of Lucchese's great fit is owing to the perfected lasting process. In it, the upper is secured to the sole by hand. The upper is wet with water, pulled over the last, and tacked securely. Once dry, the Lemonwood pegs are inserted. It's a very physical process and one more detail that sets Lucchese boots apart. 

Lucchese uses exotic leathers such as ostrich or caiman/crocodile leather in several of its styles. Caiman leather is not as porous as cattle leather, which means it cannot be dyed. Lucchese bootmakers must work with what they receive, sometimes spending hours to match the best caiman leathers together, cutting around any scars or imperfections, creating a boot that is unique.

Dedicated artisans spend hours upon days upon weeks hand-tooling leather to create exquisite, multidimensional Lucchese boots. It's a process that calls upon manual dexterity and the use of small steel tools, tooling is a laborious art form that results in completely unique patterns and designs. 

Due to restrictions in harvesting exotic leathers, Lucchese boots from Wei's Western Wear are for sale IN CANADA ONLY.