How did Kimes Ranch become such a popular brand?

Kimes Ranch devoted itself to creating western wear that’s functional but also stylish enough for everyday wear. They’ve created clothing that feels great to wear on the job but that can also be worn out at night. It also doesn’t hurt that Kimes Ranch is the preferred clothing brand on the series Yellowstone, which has caused their popularity to skyrocket. Kimes Ranch asks their fans what they want to see made, and then they go and make the best version possible of that using US-sourced materials.

Where is Kimes Ranch clothing made?

Kimes Ranch clothing is made in the USA with materials sourced from the US. This is part of what makes their brand so appealing and why customers are happy to pay a higher price for their well made clothing.

Is Kimes Ranch clothing good quality?
Why are Kimes Ranch jeans so expensive?

Kimes Ranch jeans are more expensive than other brands, but for good reason. They’re 100% made in the USA, which is incredibly rare to find these days. They’re also made using very high quality denim that gets better with every wear and goes the distance.

While the jeans might cost more upfront, they’ll last you much longer than cheaper brands and you’ll get much more wear out of them. Investing in a quality pair of jeans that can go from work to play just makes good sense, versus buying two or three pairs of subpar jeans that quickly deteriorate.

Does Kimes Ranch clothing fit true to size?

Kimes Ranch clothing fits mostly true to size, but if you’re on the cusp, size down. This is especially true with the jeans; they’re made with 1% spandex to give them a little give. Kimes Ranch wants to ensure their clothing offers a superior fit, so they’ve not only provided a sizing chart but also a guide to size equivalents in other popular brands so you can really get a feel for the right fit for you.