Why is Keen Footwear popular?

Keen pairs up-to-date styles and branding with a focus on technology. They are also a company with a social purpose and encourage people to volunteer or donate to charities inside their loyalty program. Since its creation in 2003, Keen has amassed a loyal following with lifelong customers that help market the footwear through word of mouth.

They’ve also crafted well made, durable shoes that outlast the elements while still prioritising their values as a company. And customers take notice: their focus and determination to do good as a company leads everything they do, from the way they make shoes to the way they reinvest profits into causes they love, including sustainability. But Keen doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s part of why customers love the brand. It’s playful, fun, and helps customers prioritise getting outdoors and giving back.

Where is Keen Footwear made?

Work footwear in the American Built collection is assembled in the Pacific NorthWest, in Keen’s own factory, by skilled American workers, using materials from around the world. In fact, Keen is celebrating 10 years of building shoes in the US in one of the most modern shoe factories out there.

This allows them to focus on quality and craftsmanship to a new degree, to ensure you get the very best footwear possible. Keen footwear is also made in factories around the world, including the US, but Keen owns the factories in many of the countries in order to ensure strict quality standards and working conditions.

What technologies does Keen have?
What Keen styles are most popular?

The Philadelphia Wellington, Hamilton and Oshawa are all popular at Wei’s, in addition to Keen’s hiking shoe styles. Keen has such a wide range of footwear to choose from that it’s tough for customers to choose a favourite. After all, with a sandal, shoe or boot for your every need, from work to play, you can’t go wrong with Keen footwear.