Are JB Goodhue lace-to-toe work boot designs better than other designs?

Lace-to-toe boots are a boot style that laces from the top of the boot to almost the toe. This is a popular style for workers and outdoor enthusiasts and is often preferred by those that spend time on their feet for a few different reasons. The main reason is that they allow for a tighter fit, especially for those with wider feet, which can help prevent foot fatigue, blisters and corns.

They also make it easier to pair the boots with heavy-duty socks, which are needed to protect and warm the feet, and lace-to-toe boots also provide better support for the foot and ankle. This can be incredibly important when walking on uneven terrain. If you spend a lot of time on your feet and walking on a variety of surfaces, lace-to-toe work boot designs are often the better choice over other boot styles.

What is the purpose of JB Goodhue Ironworker wedge sole boots?

The JB Goodhue Ironworker boots are made to last and designed with steel riggers and ironworkers in mind. Because of the way the wedge sole is welted onto the boot, it’ll outlast other soles that are simply glued. The wedge sole is lightweight, which helps prevent foot fatigue, and coated with an oil-resistant compound to help keep you from slipping in these boots.

The Ironworker boots are also made with a full grain leather upper to contour to your feet and fit perfectly, wear after wear, and the laces that start at the toe also help ensure a snug, secure fit for a full day of work. These boots will last you years to come and fit perfectly to boot.

Does JB Goodhue have a boot for oil riggers?