Is Irish Setter made by Red Wing?

Irish Setter is one of Red Wing’s iconic brands of footwear. In 1950, Red Wing launched the style 854, which inspired the Irish Setter brand name and launched a sub-brand of Red Wing that has captured the work, play and hunt market for durable, comfortable boots.

Why is Irish Setter a good hunting boot?

Irish Setter boots are great hunting boots because they’re made to be tough. Made with groundbreaking innovations, Irish Setter boots can take anything you throw at them. They use high-rebound material to absorb shock and deliver you a burst of energy with each step.

Irish Setter boots have a super lightweight material that’s both extremely comfortable and durable without the extra weight. The boots also contain waterproof components to keep your feet dry throughout the hunt, not to mention the innovative TempSens technology to adjust to your body’s temperature and keep you cool or warm and ThermalBoost for multi-layered cold protection.

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