What is the importance of Fire Resistant (FR) clothing?

Fire resistant clothing is designed to not only prevent ignition of the clothing, but to prevent the spread of flame and self-extinguish. This is incredibly important for those who work in potentially dangerous occupations, such as those who work in power, oil and gas, plant workers, electricians, and many more. Workers in these industries can be exposed to explosions, open fires, and more, and FR clothing can help protect them.

FR clothing should be considered a tool of the trade, similar to steel-toed boots or hard hats. FR clothing protects both the wearer and others around them by preventing the spread of flame and helping to prevent burns.

What is the story of IFR clothing?

IFR Workwear is an Aboriginal-owned company that was created in 2005 in Red Deer, Alberta, and has quickly become a leader in fire resistant and protective clothing that’s also comfortable. All IFR products are made and sold in North America through distribution partners. IFR Workwear focuses on high quality products that are trusted by those working in industries like oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, electrical, construction, railroad and more. Safety and comfort are top priorities in the line of protective workwear, which has helped IFR Workwear become a leading manufacturer of FR apparel in North America. Wei's is proud to stock IFR Workwear and support a fellow local Red Deer brand.

Does IFR make high quality FR clothing?
Does IFR manufacture its own FR clothing?