FAQ - Muck Boots


What are Muck Boots best used for?

Muck Boots are best for keeping your feet dry and warm, no matter how mucky it is outside. They’re durable boots that protect you from wind, snow, mud, rain, and any sticky situations. With natural insulation, durable rubber, 100% waterproof protection, added traction, and flexible comfort, you can work in any conditions knowing your feet will stay dry and warm.

Are Muck Boots waterproof?

Yes - Muck Boots are extremely waterproof and designed for all-purpose weather conditions. The scuba grade neoprene offers 100% waterproof protection so you can work comfortably no matter the weather.

Are Muck Boots warm?

Yes - Muck Boots come in insulated versions with Thinsulate. As a part of their history, warmth and waterproof traits are key to their performance. The self-insulating structure of the boot allows both the foot and lower leg to stay warm and dry in any weather conditions.

How do I care for my Muck Boots?

Cleaning your Muck Boots is simple. The rubber and neoprene are easy to spray off with water, or use a gentle scrubbing motion with cold water and soap to get off any tough bits (avoid using any solvents or detergents). Let your boots dry naturally, as a heat source can cause the rubber to deteriorate. If the inside of the boot is wet, simply crumple up some dry newspaper and leave inside the boot. Once your boots are fully dry, you can condition the upper rubber part of the boot with wax polish, Armor All®, or liquid detergent to keep the rubber healthy and flexible.