FAQ - Ariat Work


What is the difference between Ariat M3 FR jeans and M4 FR jeans?

Ariat M3 FR jeans are flame-resistant denim with a looser fit and a straight leg. They’re extra relaxed through the waist, hip, and thigh with a lower rise and narrow leg. The Ariat M4 FR jeans are the flame-resistant denim with a relaxed fit and either straight or boot cut leg. Just like the M3, they’re also relaxed through the waist, hip, and thigh but have a low rise.

What makes Ariat jeans fire resistant?

Ariat FR jeans use certain flame-resistant chemicals and fabric blends to self-extinguish within seconds once the source of the flame is removed. The Ariat FR jeans are NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 certified in order to protect those in potentially dangerous work.

How do I wash and dry Ariat FR jeans?

Each item will have instructions on the garment tag to ensure proper laundering. However, FR jeans can be washed and dried, although they shouldn’t be dry cleaned. Turn the jeans inside out and wash separately from non-FR workwear. Be sure to avoid starch, fabric softener, liquid detergent, and chlorine/oxygen bleach. Make sure not to over-dry the jeans or else you might see them shrink.

What is Ariat DuraStretch?

It’s a type of denim that’s designed to be more durable but still ultra flexible, so you can move freely without worrying about your jeans falling apart.

Who is Ariat Flame-resistant (FR) Workwear designed for?

Ariat FR Workwear is designed for electricians and workers in the utility, oil, gas and petrochemical fields who are at risk of exposure to electric arc flashes and flash fires, which could cause severe or fatal burn injuries. Typical candidates for FR workwear include electric linemen, pipeline and refinery workers, as well as industrial electricians.

How does Ariat FR Workwear help protect against burn injury?

Through the use of flame-resistant chemicals or fabric blends, Ariat FR Workwear is designed to self-extinguish within seconds after the source of ignition is removed, which may permit the wearer to react to an accidental exposure. It is not designed to be flame proof; it is flame-resistant.

Can the flame-resistant chemicals be washed out of Ariat FR clothing?

Provided you follow garment care instructions for Ariat FR workwear, reasonable laundering should not affect the flame-resistant properties of the fabric.