FAQ - Ariat


How do I style Ariat Men’s Jeans?

Save your darker wash jeans for a night out and your medium to light wash jeans for daytime wear. Feel free to pair with cowboy boots (untucked, always!), just make sure to choose boot-cut or straight-leg jeans so that they fit over the boot nicely. When it comes to tops, you’ve got plenty of choice: a nice buttoned down shirt tucked into your jeans will work well for most occasions, but you can also dress them up with a collared shirt and sweater.

What is the Size difference between Regular and Long Ariat Shirts?

The Ariat Long is a great option for those with longer arms or torsos, or for those that just prefer a little extra breathing room. It gives you two extra inches in both body and sleeve length versus the Regular size option.

What is Ariat’s Greater Arm Mobility?

Ariat’s Greater Arm Mobility is a special construction of shirts with an extended underarm inseam to give more range of motion for those with active jobs or those who like a little more flexibility in their shirts.

What is Ariat's Moisture Movement Technology?

This smart, sweat-wicking technology actively pulls moisture away from the skin and transfers it to the outer layer of the fabric to allow it to evaporate quickly and effectively. For those with active jobs or in warm environments, the Moisture Movement technology will make all the difference.

What is Ariat's Sun Protection Fabric?

Ariat has created a Sun Protection Fabric to help working or being active outdoors shield their skin from harmful UV rays. The fabric has built-in UV protection so that you can do what you need to do, no matter the weather.

What is Ariat's VentTEK technology?

Ariat’s VentTEK™ technology is designed to keep your feet from overheating in boots thanks to breathable mesh that improves airflow and ventilation. Your feet will stay cool, dry and ultra comfortable.