Can I wear cowgirl boots all day?

You sure can wear cowgirl boots all day. There has been a focus on improved comfort technology in women’s cowgirl boots in Canada for several years. One of Ariat’s first patents was for Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) which has several layers to target heel stabilization, shank support, and moisture-wicking. Most boot manufacturers now have similar systems.

What heel is most comfortable for a women’s cowgirl boot?

The answer will depend on what activities you’re planning to do in your cowgirl boots, what kind of shoes you usually wear, and whether your arch is low or high. That said, the Roper heel is often called a “walking heel” and should feel closest to most shoes. Many Justin and Ariat styles have Roper heels in women’s cowgirl boots in Canada. Search Wei’s website for Roper styles, but don’t confuse Roper heels with the Roper brand of apparel, because they’re different.

What type of cowgirl boot sole should I choose?
What is the best type of cowgirl boots in Canada for women with bigger calves?

Women with bigger calves or higher arches can look for Ariat boots with patented “U-Turn Technology”, which is an extra flexible piece of cloth at the top of the boot, providing enough stretch to get your foot in more easily. On Wei’s Western Wear website, search for “U-Turn Technology” and you will see several boots with this feature.

Is special care needed for exotic leather cowgirl boots in Canada?

Only 2 steps are needed for exotic boot care–just dust your exotic cowgirl boots after wear, and condition them monthly depending on frequency of use.

First, after you wear them, use a soft brush to get the dust out from between the scales. Second, use an exotic or reptile conditioner that has the right amount of oils for exotic leathers. Use a brush or your hands to wipe a thin layer on all parts of the leather, then let dry completely before brush buffing. If you can do those 2 steps, and store boots carefully to avoid light and getting bumped around, you’ll have your exotic leather cowgirl boots in Canada for for many, many years. Keep the shape by stuffing with old newspapers.

What do I wear with cowgirl boots?

Cowgirl boots are incredibly versatile and can be worn with a number of different outfits to complete your look. Jeans and cowgirl boots are a classic combo that works well from work to play and can easily be dressed up or down. Unless you’re wearing skinny jeans, avoid tucking your jeans into your cowgirl boots or they’ll look bulky and bunched up. For an ultra casual look, try leggings and a long-sleeved button down shirt to go with your cowgirl boots.

You can also pair them with shorts for a playful, relaxed look; choose from button-up shirts to tanks and tees depending on your mood. Lastly, dresses and cowgirl boots go surprisingly well together. You’ll create a feminine, stylish outfit that can be worn to both formal and casual events. Cowgirl boots work best with loose or flared dresses; they don’t work as well with body-con dresses as the contrast between the styles is a little too much. Finish your outfit with simple, understated accessories to let the cowgirl boots steal the show.

What are the differences between men’s cowboy boots and women’s cowgirl boots?

Cowboy boots were originally designed for men, since there were fewer women running farms and ranches back in the day. But these boots are incredibly versatile and practical to have, which is why cowgirl boots were created and soared in popularity. One of the main differences between cowboy and cowgirl boots is the heel; both boot types can have different heel heights, but men typically favour standard heels (1.5 inches) while women gravitate to higher heel cowgirl boots (2 inches).

Women also have more heel shapes to choose from in cowgirl boots than men do. The toe shape is another differentiator between cowboy and cowgirl boots. Cowboy boots are most popular with a square or wide square toe, while women love cowgirl boots with pointed toes, snip toes and round toes to make their feet look slimmer and smaller. Another difference between the boots is that women have a much wider range of style and materials to choose from than men do with cowboy boots; cowgirl boots are more often made to be feminine, stylish, and come in bright, fun hues.

While men have more variety now than ever when it comes to cowboy boots, the styles are often more muted and rugged looking. However, you can find a wide range of styles to choose from thanks to Wei’s large collection of both cowboy and cowgirl boots, no matter your personal style preference.