Are Boulet Boots made for the Canadian market?

Boulet was actually the first company to produce cowboy boots in Canada and is still the largest cowboy boot manufacturer in the country. For almost a century, Boulet has been crafting shoes and boots for the unique Canadian market and becoming a household name. Boulet boots are handmade in Canada with Canadian leather.

Boulet knows the Canadian climate and conditions in different parts of the country. As their reputation for quality has grown, Boulet now exports to the USA and Europe, selling in over 15 countries to become a cowboy boot favourite worldwide.

Does Boulet Boots make Work Boots?

Boulet makes a few styles of work boots. They all have steel toes and all are CSA approved. The Boulet 4374 is one of Wei’s most popular styles in any brand and features a steel toe, a puncture-resistant steel plate, flame retardant stitching, and a renowned tough sole to outlast the job. Boulet is known for their durability and comfort, making their work boots great options for long, hard days on the job.

What is the most popular Western style of Boulet Boots?
Is it true that Boulet makes custom styles for Wei’s?

Yes, Boulet has made a custom-made “Roper 500” for Wei’s since the 1970s. These classic boots feature a lower 10” shaft, Roper or walking heel, and rounded toe. After all, Wei’s has been a proud Boulet retailer for many decades. Don’t miss your chance to snag an exclusive boot style that’s both comfortable to wear and stylish to boot.