Belts - FAQ


Why Wear a Belt?

That's an easy one. To keep your pants from falling down.

Are Belts a Fashion Accessory?

Belts are usually visible when we wear them, so they are part of our wardrobe. But it depends what you like and if you're dressing for a special occasion such as a wedding, or getting dressed to go out to the tractor.

Belts may be plain in colour and have a plain pattern. Or, the leather may be worked by craftsmen to produce all kinds of patterns or even pictures. Belts may be dressed up with fancy stitching patterns, metal insignia, costume jewelry, the sky's the limit. Everything from steel ball bearings to bull horns, logos or other shapes. Some of these are even wider than the belt itself, making it very likely that the belt wearer will be poked in the gut at some point. Women's belts up the ante all the way. More than just leatherwork patterns, all kinds of designs and materials can be found on a woman's belt. "Bling" belts are meant to dazzle and are still popular for some occasions.

Do Belts Have to Match Shoes?

There is a fashion rule of thumb that the belt colour should match your shoe colour. Most men's belts are black or brown to go with black or brown shoes, but women's belts come in many more colours to go with many more shoe colours. However, following this rule of thumb is your personal choice.

A shirt with an intricate pattern should be set off by a plain belt, and a belt with an intricate pattern is ideal to set off a plain shirt.

What Size Belt do I Need Compared to My Pants?

Choose a belt 2 inches larger than your pants. If you wear a 34" try a 36" belt, and go from there. If you wear an odd-size pant like a 33 or 35, add 3 inches instead of 2 inches.

Why Choose a Belt that Fits in the Middle of the Holes?

Belts often have 5-6 holes. Choose a belt that fits you when the metal tongue is in the 3rd or 4th hole. Why? Because then the belt will be centred in the back, and centred in the front. Also, you will have a couple of inches to expand or contract.

Why Are There Different Belt Widths?

Standard belt width is about 1-1/2" which fit into pant belt loops. Wei's carries a big selection of belts, and most of them are 1-1/2" wide.

Thinner belts are usually for dress pants. Belts can get very wide too, especially women's belts that might be 2", 3" or even 4" - these are purely for fashion.

Can I Attach a Custom Buckle?

Wei's stocks some belts that do not include a buckle, because they're intended for your personal buckle. Wei's also stocks a variety of buckles with designs that help express your personality - everything from a belt buckle initial to a western or other theme.