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Are Canada West Boots good quality?

Yes, they are made in Canada and maintain the high quality standards since they were established in 1978. Canada West Boots is a 100% Canadian own family business that was started in 1978 by the now retired William (Bill) Moorby. Wei’s has stocked Canada West Boots for decades and they continue to be a top seller for Wei’s because of their high quality standards.

What types of products do Canada West Boots produce?

Canada West Boots offers a wide range of boot options for every need. With options for both men and women, Canada West Boots has a large product catalogue that includes work books, bikers, western boots, shorter Romeos, as well as laced boots. From work to play, Canada West Boots gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Are Canada West Boots meant for casual wear or work wear?

Canada West Boots offers options for both casual wear and work. The dependable work boots come with safety features like CSA Grade 1 steel toes & steel plates, shock resistance, puncture resistant insoles, and more. Canada West Boots are also incredibly stylish, making them a great choice for casual wear for any occasion thanks to their unique styles and premium leather. Browse the variety of styles to find the right boot for your needs.

What is the origin story of Canada West Boots?

Canada West Boots is a proud, Canadian-owned company that’s been operating since 1978. This family-owned company is a Canadian staple. With boots handcrafted in Winnipeg, Canada West Boots has become a leading boot manufacturer in Canada thanks to a focus on high quality materials, attention to detail, and premium craftsmanship.