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Yellowstone - What Are They Wearing?

If you can’t get enough of the Duttons on Yellowstone, the smash hit Western series on the Paramount specialty TV channel, you’re among friends. 

And if you find yourself Googling “what are the Duttons wearing,” as many of us are at Wei’s, then keep reading to find the brands they wear and how you can get the style!

After all, nothing screams Americana style the way Kayce Dutton or Rip Wheeler (the honorary members of the Dutton clan) dress. So, if you want to look like you just walked out of a western magazine like the Duttons, you'll need some western wear essentials. Wei’s Western Wear has them.


Why Is Yellowstone a Phenomenon?

Why is “Yellowstone” such a buzzword? Even if you’ve never seen the show, you’ve heard others talk about it, rave about it, or speculate about what will happen next. But what exactly is it about Yellowstone that has so many viewers so engaged? 

  • Westerns: Westerns are a popular genre that fades in and out of popularity. Right now, Yellowstone has popularized the genre. What’s not to love about westerns? They’re adventure stories that capture the spirit of North America, a new nation (as compared to Europe) and the struggles of people vs. the wilderness, and people vs. other enemies as they settle and work their land. 
  • The Pandemic: Yup, believe it or not, the show that began in 2018 gave people a much-needed glimpse of wilderness–the expanse of land, the rivers and mountains with all their beauty, and urging our identification with the land–while being stuck indoors. 
  • The Human Experience: The show isn’t just a western; it’s a drama about the human experience. Of course, some of the subplots are something many viewers can’t relate to, like how to retain control over a ranch that’s been in the family for six generations. But the themes are relatable, like the overarching theme of David (Duttons) and Goliath (anyone trying to take away their land). 
  • Another key theme is questioning the idea of good vs. evil. The Duttons, especially John, are hardly heroic in their above-the-law approach to keeping their ranch, but he’s also no anti-hero, and it’s making people think. Sometimes the lines are not clear-cut when the survival of the family is at stake.
  • Different Perspectives: Typical spaghetti westerns feature the worn-out cowboys vs. Indians plot, whereas, in Yellowstone, they give a voice to First Nations. In fact, John’s prized son Kayce is married to Monica from the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. Through Monica and Broken Rock, we hear and learn about their perspective. Again, the stories, the struggles and the solutions are not as clear-cut as they might have been if they were written a generation ago.

Whether you have or haven’t checked out Yellowstone, there’s no shortage of reasons for its popularity.

The Yellowstone Effect

Yellowstone is not just a TV show; “the Yellowstone Effect” is actually influencing society. The show’s loyal fan base is dominated by young adults from 18-34 years old, including city dwellers! 

Here are some other ways Yellowstone is influencing society:

  • Good press from unlikely newspapers, like The New York Post publishing articles on “cowboy couture.” This good media is leading to a surge in anyone (city or country) wanting to wear western attire. 
  • The emergence of “westerncore”. Cities are now full of citizens sporting cowboy boots or cowboy hats. Why? To express their independence, their individuality, their ruggedness. And maybe to be a little bit more like their favourite Dutton character!
  • “Dutton-wear” is empowering. Dress like John, and you’re a leader/authority figure and protector; like Kayce, the honourable good son; Rip, the enforcer; or Beth, the fearless, strong woman who has a way of letting others know what she thinks. 
  • Country music—especially anything heard on Yellowstone—is reaching new fans. No doubt it’s reaching the increasing number of tourists heading to Montana. Tourism to Montana (home of the Duttons) has increased, sas more than 2.1 million tourists cited the show as their reason for visiting in 2021. 

Yellowstone is having a moment, but the styles will outlast the seasons. More on that next.

Celebrities Spotted in Western Wear

Yellowstone Brands

If you’re trying to figure out what brands the Duttons are wearing, these are the big clothing brands you’ll see on the big screen every Sunday evening.

  • Carhartt: Rip and Beth have both been spotted in Carhartt jackets. You’ll also see some Carhartt vests and other Carhartt clothing. 
  • Wei’s knows about the attraction of Carhartt, because we’ve seen firsthand the brand expand to casual wear, while keeping the emphasis on heavier fabrics, triple-stitched seams, and ease of movement. Whether you’re wearing a Carhartt jacket, bib overall, a wildly popular hoodie, or even a T-shirt, you’re letting people know you’re not afraid of work, and you’re ready for anything. 
  • Kimes Ranch: Kimes Ranch appears everywhere, from branded Kimes Ranch hats on many leading ladies, like Monica or other ranch hands. You’ll also spot Kimes Ranch jeans, including several styles carried by Wei’s. The Betty jean for women and the Skink quilted jacket for men exude a cool and clean character that tells others in clear terms what it means to be a woman or a man. 
  • Wrangler: Wrangler jeans are a staple in western wear. The brand is such an icon the wardrobe department would probably lose credibility without some Wranglers on the screen! Yellowstone wouldn’t have the same authority without some characters wearing Wrangler jeans.

Wei’s carries more than 100 styles of men’s Wrangler jeans. You read that number right. From roomy fits to slim fits, from the classic 13MWZ to the pre-washed version, from classic black jeans to styles with modern fabric treatments, there is definitely a Wrangler style that will work for you. 

And Wrangler really does make the best authentic Western shirts, the kind with snaps instead of buttons, and Western yokes on front and back. For women, take a look at the Willow and Q-Baby jeans styles. Check out Wei’s Wrangler selection.

  • Levi’s: Another piece of denim you’ll see, from jackets to jeans, is Levi’s. It’s another brand that is so pervasive, and is such a part of American history, that you could not have a Western series without it. Levi’s is increasing its urban feel with several styles but it will always be the 501 jeans and the awesome jean jackets that define the Levi’s brand.
  • Justin Boots: The King of the ranch, John, wears Justin Ostrich cowboy boots! And we don't; blame him. Wei’s has stocked gorgeous exotic boots from Justin for decades. Nowadays Wei’s stocks more than 50 exotic boot styles from six major brands, including Justin, Lucchese, and Hondo. 
  • Schaefer Outfitters: John’s iconic quilted jacket is a Schaefer Outfitter and you may feel more than a little iconic yourself when you discover this quality US brand. When you look at Schaefer you know it’s Western identity to the core. When you feel their garments you know they don’t just talk about quality, they achieve it. Check out Schaefer jackets, coats and vests at Wei’s.
  • Ariat: Some of the rugged work boots are none other than Ariat, one of the favourite work boot brands at Wei’s. Our customers rave about their out-of the-box comfort. When you’re used to breaking in work boots, you can get pretty excited about instant comfort. 
    That’s not to say there are any slouches in our collection of 25 quality work boot brands, because with names like Red Wing, Danner, Canada West and Timberland PRO, in sizes from 6 to 16, you’re going to find exactly what you want. 
  • Yellowstone Branded Swag: Of course, we’ve seen the iconic “Y” for Yellowstone, and if you want to show off your love for the show, don’t forget to check out Wei’s Yellowstone gear

Wearing brands as seen in the Yellowstone show doesn’t just make you feel closer to your favourite characters, but they’re also highly durable and well-made brands of clothing. After all, Yellowstone is a working ranch, and Rip and John can never be accused of dressing solely for style!

Western Wear Staples

Make a statement while wearing western clothing, even if a Dutton didn’t wear it first! Westernize your wardrobe by ensuring you have all the essentials, including:

  • Wide-Leg Jeans: Skinny jeans are finally falling from the top spot. We’re seeing the return of wide-leg jeans, especially for women, with a vengeance. Some great wide-leg jean brands that we carry are Rock N Roll, Kimes Ranch, Wrangler, and Ariat.
  • Western Shirts: You’ll want a mix of plain and patterned western shirts, as the Duttons have shown us that to properly “cowboy up” you need to be prepared, preferably with layering—put on a western shirt, then add a jacket. Some quality brands to consider include Cinch, Wrangler, Carhartt, Ariat, and Stetson.
  • Women’s Shirts: As Beth shows us, men shouldn’t have all the fun! So check out some of these great western-inspired shirts by Cinch, Wrangler, or Ariat. 
  • Cowboy Boots: There are two cowboy essentials, boots and hats (and Wei’s would  probably add a good belt as an essential). If you haven’t got a nice pair of cowboy boots or a hat, it’s time to get some. 
  • Wei’s has more than 150 styles of cowboy boots, ready for anyone who wants to buy a western boot in Canada. From real working cowboy boots with spur ridges and cowboy heels, to exotic leather vamps that get attention anywhere, to urban cowboy boot styles with wide square toes and walking heels, because we know there are lots of folks who want the look, but without the horse.
  • These styles are from brands that literally helped define Americana and the American West: Justin Boots, Lucchese, Olathe, Tony Lama and even Frye, plus Boulet, Ariat, Canada West, newcomers like Black Jack, and more. All these cowboy boot brands have fans who love their quality and that’s important to Wei’s. 
  • Cowboy Hats: Westernize any outfit by adding a Western hat from brands like Stetson, Resistol, Serratelli, Bailey, or Master Hatters of Texas. Or, you can take a hybrid country/city approach with Wei’s collection of adventuresome Akubra hats. 
  • If you live in a place that gets a little more rain, Wei’s also stocks oilskin hats from Outback Trading, plus their iconic oilskin vests, jackets and dusters.
  • Suede Jackets: It’s all about having the right jackets, whether you’re working the ranch or just trying to survive the cool Alberta climate. Check out Wei’s two locations to find the right suede jacket for you, and make sure you invest in some water-resisting fabric protector that mentions suede.
  • Jean Jackets: Jean jackets are great for work or play. They are also a popular choice of outerwear on Yellowstone. Here are some best jean jacket brands we carry: Levi’s, Wrangler, and Cinch.
  • Belts: If you’re wearing jeans, they’ll look naked without a belt! Every cowboy needs a fantastic belt to bring their western wear ensemble to life, so check out Hooey, Marc Wolf, Ariat, or Tony Lama. Between Wei’s two stores, we have more than 1,000 belts to choose from–they’re not all online, but we can always help you on the phone too. 

With some or all of these western wear staples, you’ll rock the look and get tons of wear out of brands that are known for their hard-wearing qualities.


Dress Like Your Favourite Dutton

If you would like nothing more than to snap your fingers and fill your wardrobe with everything your favourite character may wear, here’s how, thanks to Wei’s:

John Dutton

Jacket: Cripple Creek 2-Tone Wool Blend Jacket
Vest: Cinch Men’s Lined Woolly Vest
Jeans: Wrangler Retro Mid Rise Relaxed
Belt Buckle: Montana Silversmiths Attitude Tri-Colour Longhorn 
Hat: Akubra Cattleman
Boots: Red Wing Leather Pull-on 3505 

Kayce Dutton

Jacket: Wyoming Traders Canvas Ranch
Shirt: Carhartt Casual MidWeight Loose Fit 104368
Jeans: Wrangler Vintage Bootcut
Belt: Justin Men’s Distressed Matte Bomber Brown
Hat: Akubra Kiandra Hat

Rip Wheeler

Jacket: Kimes Ranch Jacket Marshall
Shirt: Wrangler Men’s Western Dress Snap Dobby Stripe
Jeans: Wrangler Men’s Original Fit
Belt: Montana Silversmiths Attitude Yellowstone Floral Filigree 
Hat: Akubra The Boss

Beth Dutton

Jacket: Powder River Women’s Coat Wooly Jacquard Brown


The Yellowstone Style That’s Making Waves

Thanks to the popularity of Yellowstone worldwide, we’re seeing a resurgence of all things western in the city population. 

At Wei’s, we understand the attraction. Western style and the desire for uncomplicated, rugged, quality attire that is distinctive without being trendy, has always been here. We love Western style, and our customers love it too. 

Some of our customers have been coming to shop at Wei’s since they were kids, and they’re not kids now but they bring the next generation with them. 

That’s why Wei’s even stocks Western wear for boys and girls, from cute baby and toddler styles to “match Dad” Western shirts that produce the cutest pictures and memories. Girls and boys will find a good selection of quality Western boots, pants and tops that will last season after season, just like Yellowstone.

Wei’s has been offering real Western style since Kevin Costner was a toddler, and we think he and the rest of the Duttons make a darned fine TV show. We watch it ourselves.

If you feel a calling to the Western clothing style, a no-nonsense statement that you’re an individual, you know who you are, and you’re comfortable with yourself, then we know you’ll find your match in Wei’s legendary selection of clothing, boots and hats. Check out what we have for you.

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