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Wrangling Trends: A Glimpse into WESA 2024


Yeehaw! We just moseyed on back from the Western & English Sales Association (WESA) fair in Dallas, Texas, and boy was it a boot-scootin' good time! This expo is the place to be for all things Western wear, and our amazing store manager Cynthia was there on the front lines, checkin' out the latest trends and innovations.

What's Hot in Western Wear for 2024?

We sat down with Cynthia, our Downtown Wei’s store manager, to get the inside scoop from her trip to WESA 2024. Here’s what she had to say!

What were the key trends and innovations showcased at WESA 2024 that are likely to impact the western wear industry in Alberta?

Cynthia: “One notable trend that caught our attention was the resurgence of vibrant colours in felt hats. It seems that many hat companies are embracing bold and eye-catching hues, injecting fresh energy into traditional Western headwear. This mix of old and new styles is sure to shake things up in the western wear scene here in Alberta, giving folks some fresh ways to show off their cowboy flair.”

Can you share any standout products or brands that your team discovered at WESA 2024? Is there anything that you're excited to introduce to your customers?

Cynthia: “During our time at WESA 2024, we stumbled upon a cool new boot company that’s shaking things up. What sets them apart is their unique method of displaying intricate & exotic patterns in leather, promising a fresh and distinctive look for our customers. Their innovative approach to design and craftsmanship has us excited to introduce their products to our stores. We believe they will offer our customers a stylish and exceptional option in the world of Western Wear. So watch out for this new brand!”


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How can we leverage the insights and products discovered at WESA 2024 to improve our customer experience and stay ahead of competitors in the western wear market?

Cynthia: “To enhance our customer experience and maintain a competitive edge in the western wear market, our commitment lies in sourcing quality products that align with our customers' budget, while continually introducing new brands and merchandise to ensure a dynamic and refreshed inventory across our two locations.”

Alright Cynthia, spill the beans! What was your favorite part of the expo?

Cynthia says: (with a giddy laugh) “Free drinks and loads of free bbq!” 

We hear ya, Cynthia! Who doesn't love free BBQ?

We're so excited to bring these new finds back to our stores and fill them with fresh energy and stylish options. We're committed to offerin' high-quality products that you'll love, all while stayin' true to your Western spirit. Get ready to embrace the latest trends, partners, 'cause we're about to embark on this exciting new chapter together!

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