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Western Wear for Events, Weddings and Grads

Heard the News? Western Events are Back!

Yes, weddings and graduations and celebrations of all kinds are back, and Wei’s Western Wear couldn’t be happier. 

We have 60 feet of men’s Western formal wear–sport jackets, vests, and suits–for you to dress up and stand out a little, or a lot, if the occasion calls for it. 

Western-themed events are popular in Western Canada and Western US, but also in Australia, Japan, Italy and other countries. Western wear’s timeless style and its  balance of masculinity and ornamentation is great for any kind of occasion. 

So, what do you need? Well, the first question is, will you wear jeans?

Will You Be Wearing Jeans to Your Event?

It’s no secret that attire for any workplace or event has become more casual. Wearing jeans is much more accepted in most workplaces, and even the stuffiest workplace will occasionally have a jeans day. 

So, will you wear jeans (with cowboy or Western boots, of course!) to your special event? If you do, check out the more than 200 styles of Men’s jeans at Wei’s Western Wear.

We’ve got them all, from dark and distressed jeans to fabulously faded, low waist, high waist and in-between waist jeans, in brands like Silver, Cinch, Levi’s, Ariat, Buffalo, Mavi and Wrangler. Our Men’s jeans sizes range from 28 to 54, depending on the brand. 

If you wear jeans, then all you need is a shirt and either a vest or sport jacket on top. 

It’s the topper (as well as the boots) that makes your outfit special, and makes it work together, so let’s start there. 

Western Vests

Wei’s has vests in subdued colours like black or grey, but we sell a lot more Western vests that are colourful - think burgundy, blue, silver, or gold. Usually, a vest will contrast with the rest of your outfit. 

The front of the vest is the colourful part, and is often fancy, not plain. The vibrant colour is enhanced with a pattern–think floral or paisley–that is intricate, fluid, and fun. 

The vest back is usually black, and includes an adjustable belt to cinch it in, or let it out after your big event meal. 



Splashy blue vest from Wahmaker, available at Wei’s.
Soft wool vest from Wahmaker, available at Wei’s.


Often a vest will have a bit of shine to it, from the days when vests were made with silk. Nowadays, that vibrance and luminance can be had with less expensive polyester, which makes sense when you’ll only pull out the vest for special occasions a few times a year. 

A vest almost always has 2 front pockets. These are where you put your pocket watch or some coins to give to the kids (or your small bottle of hand sanitizer, if you’re so inclined). Vest pockets are also a pretty comfortable place to hang your thumbs. Try it - hang your thumbs in those pockets and you’ll feel calm and in control. It’s an ergonomic ego booster.

With its bright colours and intricate front design, and 2 largely ornamental pockets, you might say the Western vest is an exaggerated piece of clothing, a bit over the top. That is what makes a vest a go-to for special occasions. Make the day special–wear a vest.

Western Sport Jackets

Sport Jackets, or Blazers, are probably the staple for Western event attire. Talk about an easy job–get dressed, then throw on your Western sport jacket and you’re done! 99% of Western sport jackets look great with jeans. 

What turns a regular sport jacket into a stylish Western sport jacket? We just gave you a hint: it’s the style. The most prominent style motif is the addition of yokes. 

You’ve seen Western yokes. They’re additional pieces of material typically on the back and front shoulders that are pointed. They can help reinforce the shape and “hang” of a jacket or shirt, but they’re mostly about style. 

The yoke shape is often repeated on the exterior pocket flaps to add more balance and, you guessed it, style. 

Yoke It Up!

Yokes in the front have one point, which can be shallow, staying up near the clavicle, or can be deeper and come down to the chest. Back yokes can also be shallow or deep, even every deep. While most back yokes have a single point, there are plenty of 2-point back yokes.

Western Sport Jacket with contrasting elongated yoke, and yoke on pocket flap.

Western Sports jacket with non-contrast yoke on chest and pocket flap.

Yoke material may be a different colour or shade to contrast and really set off the Western style. Sometimes yokes may be trimmed with a contrast fabric, or piping. 

Or, for a more subtle look, the yoke can be in the same material as the rest of the jacket.

Whether you choose a high contrast yoke or a low contrast yoke, your jacket is unquestionably Western.

Buttons: The More, the More Western

The front of the coat will have buttons - the more buttons, the more formal (and Western). Most of the jackets Wei’s stocks have 2-button fronts. These are most versatile for occasional events. 

Wei’s also has 3-button styles, and what a difference that extra button makes! The same goes for the cuffs. Most cuffs have 3 buttons, but some have 4. The more buttons, the more formal and elegant the coat looks. 

Back Vents

Back vents apparently originate from the days when your ancestors rode horses to their special events. A vent allows the back of the jacket to spread out and not bunch up. 

For those not riding anywhere, a jacket style with no vents is sometimes in demand. Having no vent provides a slim silhouette. However, when you sit down or put your hands in your pockets, the jacket creases and can bunch up in the back. This style is sometimes called an Italian style.

Wei’s has both vented and un-vented styles.

Vented sport jacket with a deep and elongated 2-point yoke.
Un-vented ‘Italian’ sport jacket with a subtle yoke.


Did you know that a new sports jacket almost always has the exterior pockets and back vent tacked closed with needle and thread? Yes, sewn shut.

This is the traditional way of assuring you that you are purchasing a new, unused garment. The sewing is simply tacked on, and removing it takes a bit of care. You don’t want to snip a hole in your new pocket!

Frock Coats

If you want to add some old Western flair, choose a frock coat. These are long coats that reach the knee for a more formal look. These are mostly plain-coloured. If you meet Clint Eastwood at your event, he’s likely to give you the thumbs up.

Frock coats reach to the knee.

Western Suits

The most formal of workplaces–the law firm–is probably the last bastion of the suit, especially the 3-piece suit. 

But some people still want a suit for a special event like a Wedding or Grad, and for those customers, Wei’s has a selection of 2-piece suits. Add a contrasting vest for a fantastic 3-piece look. 

Wei’s carries a selection of 2-piece suits for our customers. 

Western Shirts

You’ll need a shirt, so why not make it a Western shirt? When wearing jeans and no sport jacket to your Wedding or Grad event, you can opt for a big crazy colourful design because the jeans are a plain hue. 

But a colourful Western shirt will likely clash with a sport coat or vest because they also have an inherent weave, pattern or design or pattern. You don’t want 2 different patterns, each attracting the eye and causing confusion. So hey, cowboy, tone it down with a plain shirt that will complement your jacket or vest, and let them shine. 

A white or off-white shirt will match just about any jacket. 
A contrasting shirt can have a subdued pattern, especially when paired with a dark jacket.


To Snap, or Not to Snap?

Wearing a Western shirt with a sport jacket gives you the option of choosing buttons instead of snaps on your shirt. Since snaps can attract attention, they’ll be competing with the attention you receive from your sport coat or vest. Buttons are less contrasting, and your jacket or vest may already have enough contrast for your outfit.

Choose a shirt with same-colour buttons for a more modern look, or white buttons for a more casual look. Wei's has about 100 Western shirt styles that could be what you want. 

In the end, you create your own style. If you’re part of a Wedding Party, such as a best man or any usher, check with your host. You’ll want to make sure your pal getting married knows what you plan to wear, because wedding pictures will record your outfit for posterity.

Event planners, make sure you contact Wei’s with your size requirements. We want to make sure we have the sizes and styles you need to coordinate your event.

Western Boots

Have you ever heard that the first thing a woman notices about a man is his shoes? 

In your case, let’s hope she notices cowboy boots. They’re the perfect match for a Western get-up for your Grad or Wedding event. 

Wei’s has dozens of styles from famous traditional brands Lucchese, Olathe, Tony Lama and more, great Canadian brands like Boulet and Canada West, plus modern brands like Ariat. They’re not all on the website yet but we continue to work at it.

Take a look at Wei’s cowboy boot FAQ on our website to learn more about the right cowboy boots for your special event.

The Finishing Touch

Wei’s has belts, buckles, bandanas, jewelry like Men's rings, and more for you to add that perfect touch to your special event “formal wear”. 

Wei’s also has bolo ties. You know these–they’re the simple cord worn around the neck, with metal tips and a fastener. 

Can’t forget Hats! Wei’s has an excellent selection of hats by Stetson, Serratelli, Resistol, Bailey, Akubra, and more. These will be the subject of a separate blog. 

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