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Unlocking the Secrets: How to Fit Your Cowboy Hat and Keep It in Shape

Cowboy hats are synonymous with western culture, and in Alberta, Canada, they are a staple of any cowboy’s wardrobe. These hats are not just a fashion statement, as they keep you shaded in the summer and add warmth to your head in the winter. Cowboy hats are also a symbol of cowboy tradition. Whether it's for everyday wear, a rodeo or simply to add a bit of Western style to your outfit, it's important to ensure that your cowboy hat fits perfectly.

Join us on a journey to learn about the art of fitting a cowboy hat, restoring its original shape and ensuring a comfortable fit for any occasion.

Decoding Cowboy Hat Sizing:

In the West, where cowboy culture permeates daily life, understanding cowboy hat sizing is indispensable. Typically measured in inches, mirroring the head's circumference, it's a well-known fact that cowboy hats often run a size small. For example, if your head measures 7 inches, it might be wise to try a 7 ⅛ for sizing. Not everyone’s head is shaped the same,  so some hat companies make regular and long ovals. If you find the hat fits great but has little space in one area, hat foam can help with that. 

Detecting the Need for Stretching:

A cowboy hat should ‘fit like a glove’. Snug on your head so it doesn’t blow off on a windy day but not so tight that it leaves a mark or indentation on your forehead. Saying all this, the fit of a cowboy hat is very subjective. Some people prefer a tighter fit whereas others like a looser fit. 


Stretching the Crown and Brim:

One common area that often calls for attention in the stretching process is the cowboy hat's crown. To achieve an optimal fit you can have your hat stretched.

Alternatively, consider the precision of a hat retainer or a wooden hat stretcher. Exercise caution not to overstretch.

Caring for Your Stretched Cowboy Hat:

Post-stretching, caring for your cowboy hat is as vital as tending to your horse on the ranch. Store it on a dedicated hat rack or within a protective hat box, preventing deformation and maintaining its structure. Shield it from extremes in heat or humidity to protect its integrity over time.

Twister Hat Stiffener

Enhance your hat's longevity and keep it in prime condition by incorporating a hat stiffener into your care routine.

 Acting as a guardian, a stiffener provides support to the hat's shape and structure, ensuring it retains its form through countless adventures.

If your hat gets dusty and stained, a moist cloth with a mild detergent and a soft brush can bring it back to pristine condition. For more specialized care, entrust your beloved hat to professional cleaners, ensuring it retains its form through countless adventures.

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Stretching a cowboy hat is an art, breathing new life into its original form and ensuring enduring comfort. Armed with the wisdom of hat sizing, the ability to discern when stretching is needed, and the application of gentle techniques, your cowboy hat becomes a trusted companion for a variety of occasions. Whether you're wrangling cattle on a ranch or savouring a relaxed evening out with friends,  your perfectly fit cowboy hat epitomizes timeless style and personalized comfort in the heart of the Wild West.


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