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The Three Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs This Spring

Dressing for Transition Weather

You used to wearing bulky jackets in the cold of winter and light T-shirts in the heat of summer. But what about those days in-between? 

We call springtime “transition weather”; the temperatures are not quite cold, but they’re not quite warm either. It can be tricky to find a good outfit for spring, though not impossible. 

The secret to dressing for spring is to layer classic pieces to get flexibility in terms of insulation, while letting you play with mixing and matching layers to show off your style. Men and women alike, keep reading for the spring style staples you’ll want to get your hands on before the weather turns. 

Staple Wardrobe Pieces for Spring

Layering is key during the spring, but what type of pieces should you layer?  We’ll show you each wardrobe essential, and how to style them so that you can feel as fresh as the weather.

Denim Jackets 

Denim. Denim. Denim. You cannot go wrong with this timeless and long-lasting fabric. A good denim jacket is perfect for spring. The material is lightweight enough for the warmer season but can easily be layered. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it matches everything too!

Some tips for styling your denim jacket include:

  • Denim on denim for that classic Canadian tuxedo 
  • A thick turtleneck underneath for extra insulation 
  • An oversized base layer for that boxy 90s look 
  • Paired with the traditional and slimming colour: black

There are lots of brands that sell jean jackets, but the ones that we trust the most for quality fits are:

It doesn’t hurt to size up so that you can easily layer warmer items underneath your jacket for those days when Mother Nature can’t quite make up her mind. 

Long-Sleeved Button Downs 

Button down shirts are ideal for the warmer spring season. Whether you want a bold pattern or more of a subdued colour, a button-down shirt is a great layering piece. Paired with jeans and an undershirt, you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you and can easily top it with a jacket should the temperature drop. 

A button-down shirt for men and women can also be worn with:

  • Jeans and boots for a classic Americana look 
  • Dress pants and maybe even a tie for fancier occasions 
  • With a popped collar underneath a crew neck sweater

A Good Pair of Boots

A lot of people don’t think their boots belong outside of winter. And a lot of people are wrong. 

Boots come in handy for that all-too-common spring rain. Plus, when it’s wet and windy, your feet will get cold pretty fast in sneakers. That’s why some weatherproof boots that also look good are perfect for your spring wardrobe.

A pair of black Dr. Martens boots worn with a matching denim and black ensemble is a fashion-forward look that does double duty by protecting you from harsher temps. Plus, these types of shoes will go with virtually anything for maximum use. 

A good tip for styling boots in the spring season is to wear lighter colours on top. This will balance out the heaviness of the boots.

Your Complete Spring Wardrobe 

With these three spring staples, your options for fashionable outfits this season are endless. These pieces complement each other, as well as any other piece in your wardrobe perfectly while giving you the comfort and weather-protection you need to get through wind, rain, and more. 

Go ahead and have fun with your style this spring; we can’t wait to see what you put together. Visit Wei’s today to stock up on any spring essentials you need to round out your wardrobe before the warmer weather hits. 

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