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The 4 Essentials You Need for Biking Season

May is just around the corner, and you know what that means: May is motorcycle month in Canada, and you need your bike tuned up like a top, and your biking gear ready to go. 

May is an extra-sweet month here in Canada because the snow is finally gone, and road construction hasn’t started yet, ha ha. There’s nothing like heading out on the road, and Wei’s has been through this annual pilgrimage, year after year, for decades. We’re like your Uncle who helped you choose your first bike.

So, here’s our reminder: You’re going to want to stock up now on all the biking essentials you need for a smooth ride so that you can hit the road running in May, or earlier. 

When you’re ready to buy motorcycle clothing, or biker gear, in Canada then take a look at Wei’s Western Wear. Alberta has long been known as one of the most popular biking areas in Canada, and being located smack dab in the middle between Edmonton and Calgary, believe us, we’ve earned our stripes providing biker apparel. 

And even if you’re not a biker, it never hurts to stock your wardrobe with functional, durable biker wear that goes from work to play with ease. 

So keep reading for the 4 biking essentials you’ll want to snag before riding weather hits, so that you can focus on the ride and not on your gear.


4 Biking Gear Essentials to Stock Up On

For both men and women, here’s a list of your main 4 must-haves this biking season. For both on and off the bike, these essentials build up every wardrobe nicely and have you covered no matter the occasion. 

1. Leather

Every biker knows the importance of leather when hitting the open road—and no, it’s not just to look the part. When you’re exposed to the open air at 80 or 100 clicks, even the warmest day can feel fuh-reezin’, which is where leather helps: it’s warmer than other textiles while also shielding you from the wind and rain. Many brands even offer venting and mesh panels to help you feel comfortable on long rides. 

But more importantly, leather is worn on motorcycles to help protect riders in the event of an accident. Leather can help protect the body from bruises, cuts, scrapes and rashes should you hit the pavement in a crash. 

While it’s not a fail-proof safety method, one study showed that riders are significantly less likely to be admitted to a hospital if wearing a motorcycle jacket, pants or gloves. 

Make leather a part of your trusted riding gear to protect yourself on your rides, short or long.

2. Vests

Vests, or cuts as many bikers call them, are a staple for biking gear. Sometimes a full jacket is too heavy or too hot for the ride, which is where vests shine. They’re lightweight and comfortable, but also offer a measure of protection against scrapes and bruises. Make sure to keep a few vests on hand for warmer days so that you can ride in comfort. Wei’s has dozens of vests in stock. Take a look in-store for the best selection.

3. Coats

Whether you opt for a leather jacket or a textile coat, you have options for your biking gear. What you choose will mainly depend on the weather where you ride; you might prefer leather for the warmth, a waterproof coat if you experience rain in your area, or a lightweight jacket for wind protection. 

No matter which you choose, getting the right fit is critical. After all, if the coat is too baggy, it can create dangerous wind resistance, but a coat that’s too tight can restrict your movements. Wei’s stocks leather coats in sizes from Small to 5XL, depending on the brand. For best selection, come into our stores and check out the goods.

4. Boots

Rounding out your biker attire are your boots. Boots are key for bikers; after all, they help you balance on the bike, they give you greater control, and they help protect your feet. After all, you never see bikers wearing sneakers, and there’s a good reason for that.

Luckily, biker boots can be both functional and stylish. Feeling rugged and tough is as simple as pulling on a pair of boots (see more details here on the Americana trend) but you can also find a pair that suits your unique style. Browse Wei's collection of biker boots here to find the boots that will take you from bike to bar, work to play, and everything in between.

Wei’s has an incredible 700 pairs of biker boots in stock! They’re not all on the website yet, but take a look there and if you don’t see what you want in your size, then give us a call or come on down to the stores.

Key Takeaways: The Gear You Need for Biking Season

It’s never too early to get a jump start on the next biking season, because having the right gear ready makes that first ride of the season all the more sweet.

When you’re ready to look around for your biker gear in Canada, look at Wei’s. Biker wear is functional, durable and stylish to boot, and it’s for both men and women.

Browse Wei’s curated collection of the best biker gear now so you can find your new faves for next season. Remember, our biker gear is not all online, so come into the store for best selection. Happy riding!

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