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How to Find Jeans That Fit You Perfectly

Jeans: A Wardrobe Staple 

Every closet needs the perfect pair of jeans. You know the pair, the jeans that:

  • Are as comfortable as they are durable 
  • That you can’t help but feel confident in 
  • That hug your body in all the right spots

If you’re searching for the Goldilocks pair of jeans that are “just right,” let this article be your guide. We’ll take you through the basics of brands, rises, fits, and trends that will help you find the perfect pair of jeans for all your denim needs. 


Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to fitting jeans, there’s more to it than just whether they button over your waist. You also have to consider the way that they are cut, which will affect how they look on your body and how they move with you. 

The wide array of fit options is no longer strictly differentiated by gender. The cut of the hips and crotch region of a pair of jeans will be different between men and women. But you’ll be able to find many similar fit styles on the market for both men and women. 

These are the five basic fits:

  1. Skinny Fit: These are skin-tight and often stretchy. They’re perfect for wearers proud to show off their legs.  
  2. Slim Fit: While these are not skin-tight, they do fit snug to the butt and hips, allowing the wearer to flaunt what they’ve got without sacrificing comfort. 
  3. Regular Fit: These are the most common pair of men’s jeans sold. They leave more room in the back for optimal comfort, without looking baggy. 
  4. Relaxed Fit: These have a raised waistband and wide legs in order to flatter bodies that carry more weight in their lower half. 
  5. Loose Fit: These jeans have very wide legs and lots of room in the butt. They are wide by design to create a comfortable and fashionable silhouette. 

It’s worth nothing that these are just the basic fit styles, and there are many others available on the market. 

The fit of denim will also vary depending on the brand that you shop with. Each brand designs and cuts their jeans differently, so you will likely find that certain brands are more inclined to fit you better. 

Choosing the Rise of Your Jeans 

The “rise” refers to the measurement of space between the crotch of your jeans and your waistband, which determines where the jeans will sit on your body. 

Here’s a breakdown of the three types of rises and who they are recommended for:

  • Low Rise: These jeans will sit low on your pelvic bone. 
    • Flattering for women with straighter hips who want to create an hourglass shape.
    • Flattering for anyone who wants to elongate their torso.
  • High Rise: These jeans sit high up, close to your belly button.
    • Good for people who want a little extra tummy control.
    • Flattering for anyone wishing to elongate their legs.
  • Mid Rise: These jeans sit about halfway between the pelvis and belly-button.
    • A good middle ground for those with trouble deciding between low and high rise.
    • Flattering for those with shorter, petite figures.

You might find that you prefer mid rise overall, or a mix or low and high rise, and that’s completely okay. 

Choosing Cuts of Jeans 

While shopping for jeans, you’ll also want to pay attention to the cut at the bottom of the leg. 

There are three types:

  1. Straight Leg: These jeans maintain the same diameter from the leg opening down to the ankle. 
  2. Tapered Leg: These jeans have a smaller measurement around the bottom to bring the jeans in at the ankle. 
  3. Boot Cut: These jeans are designed with the boot-wearer in mind. The ankle opening has additional space so that they sit over boots properly. 

It’s great to keep a mix of cuts in your wardrobe so you can pair them with different shoes/boots as needed.

Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping for Jeans 

This is a lot of information at once, so it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed. To better understand what you need from a pair of jeans, ask yourself:

  • Where will I be wearing these jeans?
  • What style do I want?
    • Classic and traditional?
    • Something trendy like flare jeans?
  • How do I want my body to look in these jeans?
    • Taller?
    • Slimmer?
  • What am I willing to pay?
    • What is my target price point? 
    • How long do I want my jeans to last? 

Figuring out the answers to these questions will help you find the right pair of jeans to suit your needs; maybe you’ll find that you want a quality pair of jeans for work, but a trendier pair for nights out. 

Finding the Perfect Jeans with Wei’s

No matter how much research you do, the only way you’ll know which jeans are best for you is by trying them on. 

When you shop at Wei’s Western Wear, you have access to so many well known, high quality brands and styles of jeans including:

Remember: each brand makes their jeans a little differently, so one size or style with one brand might not work for you with the next. We’re confident that you’ll find that perfect pair of jeans you’ve been looking for, but if you need a little help, visit us in store for tips on finding the perfect pair of jeans. 

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