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Going to the Rodeo? Women’s Style Tips from Wei's

Wei’s Western Wear’s two store locations in Red Deer, Alberta means that we’re surrounded by rodeos in Central Alberta, including some of our favourite annual Alberta rodeos:

  • Bowden Daze Pro Rodeo in Bowden, Alberta
  • Innisfail Pro Rodeo in Innisfail, Alberta
  • Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta
  • Ponoka Stampede in Ponoka, Alberta
  • Westerner Days in Red Deer, Alberta
  • Canadian Finals Rodeo, Red Deer, Alberta

If you’re thinking about a western stampede outfit or rodeo outfit this year anywhere, visit Wei’s Western Wear website, home to lots of western fashions and more than 3,000 apparel options for your family.

Bowden Rodeo Queen contestants Ashley (Left)
Bowden Rodeo Queen contestants Ashley (Right)
2 out of 4 Bowden Rodeo Queen contestants Ashley (left) and Hailey (right).

Wei’s has helped dress a lot of rodeo fans since 1956. This year, we dressed the wonderful young ladies who were contestants for Bowden Daze Rodeo Queen in western outfits.

We’ve bundled together some women’s western fashion tips from our Wei’s store managers to help you feel and look your best and have a ton of fun at a rodeo or stampede event this year. Check out our women’s western fashion tips!

We asked Cynthia from Wei’s downtown store and Wendy from Wei’s North store for tips on dressing a rodeo queen in western and casual clothing.

“We want customers to be thrilled with their outfit,” says Cynthia. “We have dozens or even hundreds of items that could work.”

It all starts with–you guessed it–Alberta weather.

Is the Rodeo Inside, or Outside? What Will the Stampede Weather Be Like This Year?

“I always ask if it’s indoors or outdoors, because the weather is important,” says Cynthia. “That will lead to choices about layering.”

If a rodeo is outside then obviously you have to consider the weather. It could be super hot, or you might get chilly. If a rodeo is inside, your only concern is whether it’s too stuffy from all the heat generated by heaving horses, bouncing bulls, and cowboys running as fast as they can.

An inside event in the Winter, such as the Canadian Finals rodeo, is a little trickier. If you’re in a crowded room celebrating the contestants, it can get warm. But there can be drafts from doors letting in the cold Alberta winter air.

For any of these scenarios, dress as you want, but layering is your Plan B.

At the event, you’ll see a lot of leather jackets that read like trophy cases, with badges from stampedes near and far. Wei’s has leather jackets too, or leather fringes are a great option.

Layering is all about being able to shed a layer if the weather becomes hot, or putting on a layer if the weather becomes cool. Layering is about being prepared.

Wei's Western Purse

A big, beautiful Western purse from Wei’s helps you be prepared too. Our purse selection includes clutches, crossbody styles, and handmade made purses by American artisans. You’ll have room to easily stow an extra layer and your other necessities.

What are a Woman’s Best Layering Looks for a Rodeo or Stampede?

Wei’s recommends Western clothing layers including:

  • A denim jean jacket goes with anything. Wei’s has women’s jean jackets from Silver, and Men’s jean jackets from Wrangler, Levi’s and MWG, and Cinch.
  • Check out 200 great jackets for you and your family here including styles from Powder River, and Yellowstone’s favourite clothing, Kimes Ranch.
  • A bonded jacket is another option. It has clean lines to contrast the rest of your outfit. Not only solids like black or blue, newer bonded jacket styles offer more design and colour options. For some, a bonded jacket may not be the most breathable option for your Western adventure.
  • A light sweater or shawl is easy to work with, and Wei’s carries shawls by Outback Trading Co. and other brands. Their flowing lines make a statement, and they provide an easy, flexible cover-up.

Bowden Rodeo QueenBowden Rodeo Queen contestant Rae-Lynn
Wears a dress and cowgirl boots from Wei’s,
layered with a denim jacket that’s easy to shed.

Can I Wear a Dress or Skirt to the Calgary Stampede?

If you have your heart set on wearing a dress to the Calgary Stampede, go with it! Sometimes you just want to be the Belle of the Ball, and ready for dancing. Wei’s has lovely, fun and flouncy women’s dresses by top brands.

What footwear to wear with the dress? Since stampedes are swarming with crowds and cowboy boots, not to mention horses, it might not be a great idea to wear sandals. Crunch!!

Shorter ankle boots like Ariat Dixon styles are great for any woman, and they go well with dresses and skirt. If you fall in love with these boots you may want more than one pair, and Wei’s is a step ahead with several Ariat Dixon styles and other short ankle boots in stock.

What Boots Go Best With A Short Skirt at the Stampede?

Young Woman in Black: Bowden contestant Haile’s solid dressYoung Woman in Black: Bowden contestant Haile’s solid dress
is accentuated with waves: a scalloped belt, cowgirl boots
with deep scallops, and western hat with scooped brims.


If you’re choosing a skirt, women’s cowgirl boots, in short or long styles, are the way to go.

“You want to accentuate your legs, make them look as long as possible, which makes you look taller and thinner,” says Wei’s downtown store manager Cynthia.

What Boot Styles Make My Legs Look Longer?

A lot of women wish their legs were longer, so it makes sense to go with the visual tricks  and styles that help elongate them. When you’re wearing cowgirl boots on bare legs, the rule of thumb is:

  • Don’t emphasize the widest part of your calf, because width works against height. 
  • Buy cowgirl boot styles that end above or below the widest part of your calf. 
  • That way you emphasize length, not width. 

Canadian-made Boulet 3166 13” Oil Cutter ToeCanadian-made Boulet 3166 13" Oil Cutter Toe
Our Manager Cynthia has this pair, and loves them.

Ariat 8” Quickdraw Cowgirl boots for Girls

Ariat 8” Quickdraw Cowgirl boots for Girls

16 inch Ariat women's boots
16 inch Ariat women's boots

Take a look at more Wei’s women’s and girl’s cowgirl boots here

The modelling ideal of being tall with long legs is something women have always been exposed to. Even if you don’t appreciate that ideal, it still makes sense to try styles that can work in your favour. 

So, what will you wear with your cowgirl boots?

Lainey Wilson Country music star Lainey Wilson is a fan of bell bottom pants. 

Wearing Jeans to the Rodeo?

Jeans are the default for rodeo outfits. Traditional or trendy, they’re tough enough to resist a snag, comfortable enough to keep you feeling confident, and jeans match with just about anything. Dress them up or dress them down, jeans also provide a lot of clothing options.

If you’ll be wearing Western boots, consider a riding jean with a boot cut, like a Q-Baby riding jean from Wrangler or an Ariat R.E.A.L jean

Riding jeans often have stretch denim for comfort and special no-gap waistbands to keep you covered. Silver jeans could also work. 

Bowden Rodeo Queen contestant Rae-LynnBowden Rodeo Queen contestant Rae-Lynn dials up the Summer colours
with Rock & Roll flared pants, bright coloured top, silver necklace, and Twister hat.

Bowden Rodeo Queen contestant Rae-Lynn came to Wei’s downtown store. In the photo above, Rae-Lynn has chosen some really colourful pants. 

The colours are emphasized with the red top, but also complemented with necklace and bracelet that also draw from the pants colours and are suitable for Western events. A tan hat complements her long blond hair, doesn’t let the overall outfit overwhelm her, and still matches with one of the colours in the pants. 

Summer Shoes work with jeans too. Why not add some colour to the blue jeans? 

Recently Tyler, a Bowden Rodeo Queen contestant, included colourful shoes in her rodeo outfit, trying them on at Wei’s North store.

Wei’s North store manager Wendy

Wei’s North store manager Wendy helped Tyler choose flared mid-wash jeans with a white top and women’s casual shoes. 

You can see the flared jeans Tyler is wearing. Flared leg pants are everywhere right now, see Wei’s new flares here. Major women’s denim brands Wei’s carries like Ariat, Rock & Roll, Miss Me, Wrangler and other brands now offer flared leg or bell bottom jeans.

Accessories for Your Stampede Outfit

Accessories are meant to emphasize what you already have - your hair and eye colour, your outfit, and suit the occasion. Accessory colours can complement the colours, or contrast with the colours. 

Wendy noticed Tyler was wearing turquoise nail polish, and found a horseshoe necklace to match. The outfit is completed with a mid-grey hat and concho crossbody clutch purse.

Choosing a Casual Women’s Stampede Outfit? 

Bowden Rodeo Queen contestant Ashley Bowden Rodeo Queen contestant Ashley with a casual rodeo outfit.

Making this your casual year? Here’s a casual look that accessories help take to the next level, worn by Bowden Rodeo Queen contestant Ashely, who came to Wei’s North store.

Starting with an outfit of jeans and long sleeved black T-shirt, she wears a Canadian flag cap that’s perfect for rodeos, and picks up the black from her shirt. 

With Ashley’s hair up, dangling earrings will be an eye-catching addition. She’s also carrying a big crossbody purse that can hold a cover-up and all her necessities. It complements the outfit by picking up the black and adds a subtle bit of colour, not overwhelming the outfit.

The brown belt has a larger Western buckle and emphasizes her small waist. The brown picks up the purse strap texture, while the contrast stitching matches the colour of her shoes.

Aahley’s chosen to fold up the bottom hem of her jeans and it’s a smart look, but it means boots won't work as well, at least for most fashionistas. The Twisted X shoes add a bit of texture and the neutral colour grounds the look. Perfect.

Can You Wear a Hoodie to the Rodeo? 

The ever-present hoodie is a layering option. Hoodies are everywhere, they’ve practically taken over society! And since rodeos and stampedes exist partly to celebrate the freedom of spirit, sure you can darn well wear one. 

Hoodies by Dale Brisby, especially the non-offensive It’s Rodeo Time or possibly the potentially offensive You Ain’t No Cowboy, could work. Suit your personality!

“Most people dress up in Western wear, but some people will go in jeans and a hoodie. It’s all fine,” says Wei’s manager Cynthia, “There’s no judgement, in my opinion. Wear whatever you want to a rodeo. It’s about having fun!”

Other stampede-friendly hoodie brands include Cowboy Sh*t, Cinch, Hooey or Baredown. Check out more than 100 different hoodies at Wei’s!

Final Thoughts

For most of us, there’s no dress code for a stampede or rodeo in Canada. “Dress how you want to because it’s a free spirited occasion. That’s part of what makes a rodeo so fun,” says Cynthia.

She adds, “Some girls are more fashion forward when going to a rodeo. If you want to wear clothing that’s not very practical, go ahead, But remember, it can hinder getting around and in the end, you might not get to have as much fun.”

“Start with one piece of clothing, usually jeans, or a dress, or a skirt, and add on from there.”

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