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Don't Sweat It! Work Boots for Spring and Summer to Help Your Feet Sweat Less

The calendar says Spring has come to the Northern Hemisphere, but as we all know, Mother Nature pays no attention to calendar dates. 

Still, almost everywhere the snow and cold is evaporating. As temperatures increase, working people everywhere are thinking about their feet sweating this Spring and Summer.

Everyone’s feet sweat, but some sweat a lot more than others. Sweating or perspiring is normal for everyone. It’s our way of trying to keep cool by getting rid of excess water and salt.

Your feet have an incredible 125,000 sweat glands each - that’s 250,000 for both feet. Sweat glands are more concentrated on the feet than in any other part of the body.

When you’re on your feet in the heat, those quarter of a million sweat glands kick in. 

Most people can have insulation in winter boots, but Wei’s has lots of customers who can’t have any insulation, even in cold weather, due to the increase in sweat. 

It’s not only uncomfortable, it can be unsafe. Sweaty feet, where the perspiration is slow to evaporate, can feel slippery in your boots, slow you down, and even break your concentration on the task at hand. 

Plus, over time the sweat can break down your skin and increase the risk of infection. Yes, even athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. OK, let's talk about something else. 

Here are some ideas for our valued customers who suffer from excessive sweat.

Since Wei's carries more than 150 styles of work boots from more than 20 different brands, you know we've got a few options for you.

We’re not including any work boots with insulation in this list. Wei’s carries some fantastic Danner, Stomper and other brands but they are insulated, so they don’t make the cut for this blog. 

Wei’s Work Boot Options For Sweaty Feet

  • The easiest and least expensive way to lessen perspiration is to buy an unlined leather boot. JB Goodhue Farmer’s work boot style is an all-season favourite for people who have to work outside in any weather. User reviews bear this out.
  • On a recent swing through Red Deer, the JB Goodhue rep also told us the Farmer’s boot is a ‘cool’ and trendy boot because of the red-brown colour. We’ll let you decide. 



It’s unlined! JB Goodhue Farmer’s CSA Steel Toe boot is available at Wei’s Western Wear.

 Choose a Lace-Up Work Boot

    Lace-ups can be an extra benefit since you can loosen the boot, depending on safety conditions, to let in a little more air and let out a little more moisture.
      The JB Goodhue Farmer has that  "instant air conditioning" benefit, too. 

        The "lace to toe" style that JB Goodhue, Viberg's Stompers. and many other work boot brands and styles now use should be an extra benefit here. Potentially the air can get right between those tootsies.

        Choose a Removable Insole in Your Work Boot

          In this case, removable equals washable, to get rid of the bacteria and odour sweaty feet can cause. Plus, if your insole becomes saturated then dries, it’s still a head start for the smelly bacteria the next day. Consider this your washing reminder. 

            Most work boots have removable insoles, but you may want to choose an ‘after-market’ insole specially designed to help fight sweaty feet. Odor-Eaters and Dr. Scholl’s are a few popular brands. Wei’s also stocks insoles from Red Wing, Ariat, and more. 

              Choose Work Boots with Dri-Lex® Lining

                Dri-Lex is a one-way water-permeable sandwich of materials that repels rain but allows sweat to come out to the surface for evaporation.

                  It was engineered specifically for footwear as a moisture management material that absorbs moisture and “works in conjunction with other materials to re-distribute moisture.” The layer closest to the foot is 100% Hydrofil nylon. 

                  The Carolina 505 Metguard work boot has Dri-Lex lining, as well as a removable insole. This boot also has Kevlar welt stitching. Available at Wei’s. 

                  Try this at home: The Dri-Lex moisture management system lets perspiration out.  


                   Choose Dri-Brelle® Lining

                  This material comes from the same company that makes Dri-Lex. It’s a non-woven synthetic lining that performs the same as Dri-Lex.

                    Canada West 34396 is a popular lace-up boot with Dri-Brelle® lining. If your jobsite requires FR, Canada West also makes the similar 34397 ‘Climber’ style with FR-treated leather and Kevlar lacing. 

                    Canada West 34396 is a CSA ‘Climber’ style with Dri-Brelle moisture management system. Available at Wei’s.
                    Canada West Boots 34397 is a CSA ‘Climber’ style with Dri-Brelle that adds FR treated leather and Kevlar stitching. Available at Wei’s.

                    Choose Work Boots with GORE-TEX®

                      GORE-TEX® started in the clothing business in the 1970s by providing a breathable layer for raincoats. It took a few years for the work boot industry to catch up, but now the breathable yet water-repellant Gore-Tex is available in many work boots. As a well-known branded product, its inclusion will likely add a few dollars to the price of work boots. 

                      Timberland PRO Hyperion has a GORE-TEX® lining that lets your feet breathe while keeping out unwanted moisture. Available at Wei’s.
                      Red Wing 2414 boots are unlined but with a GORE-TEX® upper. Wei’s is an authorised Red Wing dealer.

                      Choose Work Boots with boot-brand Anti-Microbial Mesh Lining

                      We’re all on different budgets and most boot manufacturers want to produce something for everyone.

                      So, many boot brands from Ariat to Keen and many others, offer GORE-TEX and other branded linings in some boots, and offer their own in-house branded lining in other boots.

                      This helps lower the boot cost, while also building their reputation. 

                      Decades ago, Irish Setter hunting boots developed their own in-house waterproof and breathable system and lots of Wei’s customers have raved about it ever since.

                      Who’s to say a boot brand can’t make a good breathable membrane?

                      And since everyone’s feet are different, and we sweat differently, a mesh lining might just do the trick for you.


                      The Keen Philadelphia Wellington CSA pull-on boot has a KEEN.DRY waterproof, breathable membrane. Available at Wei’s.

                      Keen’s Hamilton Lace-up also has the KEEN.DRY waterproof, breathable membrane. Available at Wei’s.

                       "Wash Your Socks!" - Mom

                      Among life's important choices are the socks you choose, and how you care for them. Just like Mom said.

                      High-tech socks for athletes are made especially to help keep feet cool, wick away moisture, and limit those odour-causing bacterial.

                      Athletic socks can be more expensive but, should be worth it. You might want to add a line item for socks in your household budget.

                      Unfortunately, as you wash them more often, the odour-inhibiting treatments will gradually wash away. But not washing your socks gives yesterday's bacteria a double-down buffet on today's fresh sweat molecules.

                      Better to have enough socks so you can have a clean pair every day. 

                      Don't Sweat It, Just Contact Wei's

                      Wei’s carries more than 20 work boot brands and more than 150 styles, so if you have any questions or want to dig deeper, give us a call or come in the store. 

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